11 Alarm Clocks to Wake the Living Dead

Do you hate your alarm clock?

The snooze button is one of my favorite things. Whoever invented the snooze button must surely be the most popular guy in the Land of The Living Lazies! I mean imagine the alarm clock ringing at an unearthly hour in the morning and all you have to do is press the snooze button. Uninterrupted sleep for another 5-10 minutes! Ahh... a few minutes more of precious sleep.

And believe me, hitting the snooze button can definitely go on for a very long time. I speak from experience. However, after one particular snoozy occasion and a missed job interview, I decided I needed an alarm clock that would definitely wake me up.

In my search for the ultimate alarm clock, I found many alarm clocks that claim to do the job of waking someone up. But, if you are someone that won't wake up for the average alarm clock, you need something extra special

For those sleepy heads, I found alarm clocks designed to wake up all different types of sleepers.

Here are my finds for the 11 alarm clocks I thought good enough to practically wake the dead:


1. Alarm Clock for Those Who Like to Get Their Motors Going

Drag Race Alarm ClockDrag Race Alarm Clock

Drag Race Alarm Clock


You can start your day with the engines roaring with this 8,000 horse powered wake up call.

With its realistic lights and drag racing sound effect, this Drag Racing Alarm Clock will surely get your speeding around in the morning.


2. Alarm Clock For Those Who Like A Good Shock

Shocking Alarm ClockShocking Alarm Clock

The Shocking Alarm Clock


This Alarm Clock is one of my favorites.

I would love to place it in my guest room for all those who come to visit but don't leave fast enough.

The Shocking Alarm Clock is just plain nasty, as it not only wakes you up in the morning but to turn it off you've got to be shocked.


3. Alarm Clock For Those Who Love Their Money

SnuznLuz WiFi Donation Alarm ClockSnuznLuz WiFi Donation Alarm Clock

SnuzNLuz Alarm Clock


If ' just 5 more minutes is what you promise yourself each time the Alarm Clock goes off and you hit the snooze button this is just the Alarm Clock for you.

SnuzNLuz-WiFi Donation Alarm donates a specified amount ( a minimum of $10 no less!) of your real money to your most hated charity/ non-profit everytime you hit the snooze button.


4. Alarm Clock For Those Who Like to Shake Things Up

Sonic Bomb Alarm ClockSonic Bomb Alarm Clock

Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock


Guns are not for you but you don't mind a little noise and excitement? Go and get yourself theSonic Bomb Alarm Clock with a bed shaker. The Sonic Bomb Clock has an adjustable volume alarm with a maximum loudness of 113 decibels ( which is the equivalent of a power saw right next to your ear). If that's not enough to wake you up, you can also slip the bed shaker that comes with the alarm clock under your mattress to get you rocking early in the morning! If you have a penchant for more punishment, you can always hit the snooze button to repeat this torturous cycle of noise and discomfort. (See this at ThinkGeek.)


5. Alarm Clock For Those Who Like to Send Things Flying

Flying Alarm ClockFlying Alarm Clock

Flying Alarm Clock


The Flying Alarm Clock will have you flying off the bed.

The dratted propeller driven module of the flying Alarm Clock actually spins of the base unit each time the alarm goes off. The catch is, the noisy alarm won't turn off until you retrieve the propeller and place it back on the base. This means you have to get out of bed and search for the pesky propeller which may have landed anywhere.

Playing "find the propeller" will surely get you up and out in the morning. (Via Gizmodo)


6. Alarm Clock For Those Who Like to Rise With the Sun

Rooster Alarm Clock: Rooster Alarm ClockRooster Alarm Clock: Rooster Alarm Clock

Rooster Alarm Clock


You realize you've been too long away from home when you feel the need for a Rooster Alarm Clock .

It will crow away all your sleep every morning!

It is definitely not for the chicken hearted though.

Jan 5, 2008
by ZB (not verified)

The one that donates money

The one that donates money to charities is a fake. ThinkGeek made it for an April Fools' Joke.

Don't believe me? Try adding it to your cart.