11 Alarm Clocks to Wake the Living Dead


7. Alarm Clock For Those Need Some Discipline

Drill Sargent Alarm ClockDrill Sargent Alarm Clock

Drill Sargeant Alarm Clock


Your every waking moment is spent putting order and discipline in your life.

The Drill Sargeant Alarm Clock is just right for you.

After a bugle plays "Reveille" your personal Drill Sargeant shall clear all the cobwebs from your brain with an inspiring round of orders you can't fail to obey.


8. Alarm Clock For Those Who Like To Live Dangerously

Fire Bell Alarm ClockFire Bell Alarm Clock

Fire Bell Alarm Clock


When nothing works its time for the fire alarm.

Fire Bell Alarm Clock lets out a shrill alarm that is bound to not only wake you up but your neighbors too.

So here's your chance to be a Good Samaritan every morning.


9. Alarm Clock For Those Who Like to Fix Things

Puzzle Alarm ClockPuzzle Alarm Clock

The Puzzle Alarm Clock


Crosswords and Sudokus are not enough for you.

The Puzzle Alarm Clock is the answer to your needs.

It wakes you up by firing four puzzles pieces up in the air and then you can happily get to the task of putting them back in the Alarm Clock as it wont turn off until you do it.

10. Alarm Clock For Those Who Like to Shoot Things

Gun Operated Alarm ClockGun Operated Alarm Clock

Gun Alarm Clock


Whether we like to acknowledge it or not, we all have a dark murky side to us, just wishing to lay our hands on a gun and shoot away all the ills that bother us. Go ahead, pick up a gun and bang... shoot the Alarm Clock! Roger Ibars Gun Operated Alarm Clock turns off only when it is shot at. What a great way to begin your morning indeed. (Here's a gun clock you can actually buy.)


11. Alarm Clock For Those Who Like Excitement

Danger Bomb Alarm ClockDanger Bomb Alarm Clock

DangerBomb Alarm Clock


If everything else fails to awaken you then the Danger Bomb Alarm Clock is the only answer to your needs.

It looks like a bomb made by terrorists but follows a simple enough rule-to stop the ringing disconnect the right cable (which is randomly decided everyday )

So, have you figured out which Alarm Clock is best suited for your temperament? Though the list is quite exhaustive, I'm sure I have not covered the entire range of humanity or the the clocks.

So please, please write to me and tell me about any more.

Alarm Clocks of course!

You can see some really bizarre alarm clocks from Japan at 10 Bizarre Alarm Clocks Loud Enough To Wake Godzilla.

Jan 5, 2008
by ZB (not verified)

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