10 Weird Handbags for the Manly Man

I don't know about you, but I am involved with a woman. That, by definition means that whenever she and I go out together, I somehow end up holding her purse. I don't know what it is with women and their purses. My lady can't go anywhere without it, but then tries to dump it on me every chance she gets.

It would be ok, if her handbag was something manly or cool like a man purse or a hunting knife, but inevitably, it's something dainty with lots of sparkly things on it.

Waiting around at the mall this weekend bored out of my mind, I realized that I really I should be able to do something to make it more fun for a man to hold a woman's purse. I mean, if we men are going to end up holding the darn thing, shouldn't it be something we can have more fun with or at least not be mortified to be seen with?

So here are my picks for the 10 HandBags A Real Man Can Carry:

10. Ugly Toad Purse













If you have to carry a purse around, a good option to help a man maintain his dignity would be something ugly and slimy. And I think to myself, what's more guy that an ugly toad. If you are seen holding this little toadpurse around, it's sure to get a grin of appreciation from the other guys and perhaps a disgusted squeal from a lady or two. Plus, if you get really bored, you could walk around asking women to kiss your frog and try to turn it into a prince. (handbag here)

9. Decapitated Head in a Bag Purse

















If you got to carry a purse around, holding something that looks like a decapitated head will not make you look like some fruity sissy. More likely, it's make you look like the slightly sick weirdo you really are. It sure is unlikely that anyone will laugh at your expense when you are walking around with a decapitated head. (via FunniestGadgets.com)


8. Give Yourself a Hand Purse










If you have to carry a purse around, might as well have an extra hand handy in case you need to scratch your back or pick up the shopping bags from the floor. Unfortunately, this hand purse is not really made for some other things an extra hand could be used for when you're bored. (handbag here)

7. Chinese Take Out Handbag














If you have to carry a purse, why not make carry a purse that looks like something you really love? Yum...chinese food! As you sit there impatiently waiting for your honey, you can stare at your Chinese Carry-Out Purse and start dreaming about the crispy orange beef and the fried dumplings you are going to have to treat yourself with for suffering through one more tedious shopping trip. What's great is that if you happen to see one of your buddies as you are carrying around this handbag, you could always just pretend its lunch. (handbag here)

6. Lethal Gold Gun Handbag














If you have to carry a purse around, you may as well carry something that makes you seem mysterious and perhaps, even a tad bit dangerous. Granted this little gold gun inside this pretty little purse is not going to scare off a gang of hoodlums, but it may be enough to help you preserve a tiny bit of male pride. You're toting around a gun after all. (handbag here )



Mar 29, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

None of them match my shoes.

There needs to be an eleventh bag--perhaps a tennis racket-shaped bag so that it will at least match my tennis shoes. 


I think Amused should carry the decapitated head since his brilliance does suggest he has an extra brain, right?

Apr 1, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Manly Purses

Is this article a joke?  These are all definitely women's purses.  Carry one of these, and there's no way to defend your "manliness".

Apr 1, 2007
by Body Beauty


Does it really bother guys when they have to hold a purse for their partner?

Apr 1, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Manly Purse

The headless one isn't so bad... you know it'd get enough of a kick out of people that they wouldn't care whether it was manly or not. However, isn't it easier, and cheeper to be secure with yourself enough to not worry what other people will think while your holding a purse?, while at the same time, you know you'll get extra kudo with your girl for holding it? That's the true key.. So suck it up guys, hold the fusha-sequence-purse, and then flaunt your girl to the guy who was just laughing at you, as you hand her back her purse. 'Cause if he's laughing... he's single and dosn't get it anyway...

Apr 3, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

To the "this sh*t is stupid" guy

Read the article carefully. The intention is definitely tongue-and-cheek. I'm sure the author is well aware that no manly man is going to run out and buy one of these purses just because their cool factor makes them less embarrassing. On that same note, the article is all about temporarily holding a female's purse, not procuring your own. Thus, if the one purse looks "femme fatale," maybe it's because there's a fem normally holding it.

This sh*t isn't stupid, it's funny.

Apr 20, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Guys need purses, too. 

Guys need purses, too.  Since I received one as a gift, I have become a convert. 

I call mine a man bag, but it is a purse.   Why not?

May 10, 2007
by GeeBee (not verified)

Hold vs. Carry

Man Law: A manly man may *hold* a woman's purse, for the minimum time required for said woman to, for example, get her ass inside the Camaro, but he forfeits all claim to "manly" if he *carries* it.

Jun 17, 2008
by Anonymous

head in a bag

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Jan 21, 2009
by Anonymous


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