Top 10 Hotels to Make Your Lover Moan...In Comfort

Looking for a truly extraordinary hotel?

If a simple box of chocolates or a measly bouquet of flowers won't suffice this Valentine's Day (and it most likely won't), consider spicing up this Valentine's Day. Try whisking your loved one off to one of these moan-inspiring hotels found around the world. These aren't your every day Holiday Inns or even, the Waldorf Astoria. No, these hotels are the cream of the crop in architectural design and conception and will guarantee that your stay is one to remember. They're worth the extra expenses in travel costs, because if you surprise your sweetheart with a trip to say, Dubai, you're sure to get "reimbursed" ten fold in moans.


10. Turn Up the Heat like a Caveman:

Beckham Creek Cave Haven - Arkansas, USA

Located in the lush, beautiful, pristine, magical forests of the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas (where I'm shamelessly from) the Beckham Creek Cave Haven surrounds you with nature. Yes, that's right, this hotel is cozily nestled inside a cave. Inside, the kitchens, bedrooms, great rooms and bathrooms have everything you could want in any home and they are even equipped with central heating and humidifiers in order to get rid of that musty cave feeling. There's even a game room for entertaining the kids. Just because you're surrounded by rock doesn't mean it can't still be luxurious. The wood paneling and tile work are a beautiful compliment to the stone facades. So go ancestral and check it out.


9. Turn Up the Heat by Indulging the Senses:

Hotel Marqués De Riscal - Elciego, Spain

Frank O. Gehry tries his hand at luxury accommodations with the Hotel Marqués de Riscal in Elciego, Spain. After wowing the public with his Guggenheim Museum in Bilboa, Gehry has designed another architectural marvel that you can actually reside in. For those with high taste, Hotel Marques is a sensual escape: not only are guests sleeping in a piece of architectural history, but the hotel is also situated in the Rioja region of Spain, so the wine enthusiast finds some extra perks. The rooms are of course decked out with the latest necessities—LCD TVs, Jacuzzi tubs, high-speed internet—but guests are just a step away from some of the most famous and productive vineyards in Spain. The hotel will arrange tours and tastings of its own vineyard, and many of the more popular labels are featured on the dinner menus. Also featured is a world renowned spa, golf course and, if visiting the winter months, the Valdezcarray ski resort only 50 kilometers away. Year round, the Hotel Marques offers titillating activities for the aesthetic couple.

8. Turn Up the Heat by Chilling Out:

ICEHOTEL - Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

You and I both desperately wanted to sip ice cold martinis like James Bond in an ice hotel after seeing Die Another Day. Luckily, our inebriatious desires are not out of reach, as the ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden can offer just that experience; and if you don't want to go that far, there's also a sister hotel in Quebec, Canada. Just like in the Bond film, the entire hotel is made of ice and only operational during the winter months. But, don't let the cold deter you: all the rooms are provided with enough hide blankets to keep you nice and toasty. Since it's inception, guests have raved about the unique fairy tale experience of sleeping in what is basically a glorified igloo. The hotel boasts extraordinary art, light enhanced rooms and the added bonus of the aurora borealis. Yes, it's going to be cold...but that just gives you reason to find some "creative" ways to warm up.


7. Turn Up the Heat the Way The Royals Do:

Emirates Palace - Abu Dahbi


Ok, not really...but sort of. Emirates Palace in Abu Dahbi boasts the unconquerable title of world's most expensive hotel. At a staggering construction cost of $3.2 billion, the government of Abu Dahbi fronted the finances knowing full well they would never make a profit. Their intention was to make a hotel that is so lavish, so fantastical, so unbelievably expensive that the world be blown away by its seven-star service. And I really can't see why the world wouldn't be blown away. With the biggest dome in the world, 6,040 square meters of gold leafing, and an atrium that is over two stories tall it's no wonder it's considered the Taj Mahal of the Middle East. Six of its suites are reserved for members of ruling family from one of the Gulf Co-operation Council members, but, for we mere mortals, even the cheapest of rooms comes with plasma televisions, butler service and a bath concierge to prepare a flower-strewn, scented bath for you on arrival. If that doesn't get the romance juice flowing, I don't know what will.



6. Turn up the Heat by Going Underwater:

The Poseidon Undersea Resort - Fiji

The Poseidon Undersea Resort is what dreams are made of: a complete underwater resort situated in one of the most abundant sea communities on the planet. That mean's you wake up underwater, with thousands of vibrant and colorful fish swimming around you. Sounds nice, huh? Now I've known of an underwater hotel for some time now, but it doesn't even hold a candle to this place. The pod-like rooms—accessible only by elevator—are settled 40 feet underwater in the 5,000 acres of a crystal clear Fijian lagoon and come with every amenity you could want. King sized beds, wireless internet, flat screen TVs, refrigerators—you name it, these rooms have it. And, even if sleeping underwater proves to be too much for you, each guest is treated to three different rooms throughout the course of the stay. Accessible to patrons is a private villa on the beach, a villa overlooking the ocean, and, finally, a room below the sea. So, whatever your fancy, this place is sure to accommodate. The price tag alone is bound to make your date hit the ceiling, but something tells me there's a lot more going on here that's going to help set the mood

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[...]Top 10 Hotels to Make

[...]Top 10 Hotels to Make Your Lover Moan...In Comfort[...]

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i wanna go 2 posidon

i wanna go 2 posidon

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