Top 10 Hotels to Make Your Lover Moan...In Comfort

5. Turn Up the Heat by Living the Fairy Tale:

Thorngrove Manor - Adelaide, Australia

Are you the lucky gent who's significant other is nothing less than a self-proclaimed princess? If so, thank your lucky stars that Thorngrove Manor exists. Here one can certainly live out the fantasy of being in a fairy tale. This spacious yet cozy castle sits in what looks like an elvin forest, which only enhances the magical atmosphere. The architecture is dramatic; the antiques priceless; and the effect? Perfection. Even if you really don't have the whole place to yourself, it will feel that way because the entire facility is designed so that guests do not see one another. The service in this place will also rival any 5-star hotel in the world. So let your lady rule as if she were queen, because she'll be treated like one.


4. Turn Up the Heat with Artistic Kink:

Propeller Island City Lodge - Berlin, Germany

So if staying at the Hotel Marqués can be considered living in art, then staying at the Propeller Island City Lodge can be considered becoming art. All 30 rooms were designed and furnished by German artist Lars Stroschen, and to say his style is radical would be an understatement. With rooms appropriately named "Coffin," "Upside Down," and "Prison Cell," each guest is sure to get a brand new experience every time they go there. And don't expect to find any place like this in the world: every furnishing and all other objects were made specifically for each room and cannot be found anywhere else. Each room has its own feel and can range from the tame to the extreme, with the focus being the alteration of perception and reality. I'd say this place is better suited for the more experimental couple, but even if you're looking to step out of the box you'll probably find something that will excite you (and maybe scare you).


3. Turn Up the Heat by Becoming One with Nature:

Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel - Manaus, Brazil

Here's your chance to become one with nature. The Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel is the largest commercial tree house with two and half miles of walkways that connect guests with the Brazilian rainforest. The entire compound is at canopy level, literally bringing you face-to-face with one of the natural wonders of the world. Greenpeace members need not worry; the entire facility is completely eco-friendly and does well not to disturb the surrounding flora and fauna. Each room is nicely furnished, though certainly not overdone with high-tech hoopla and things unnecessary for a stay in the jungle. What you're looking for here is a return to the basics. So, go ahead, make like the jungle animals leave it to...instincts.


2. Turn Up the Heat by Becoming A Bedroom Matador:

Quinta Real Zacatecas - Zacatecas, C.P., Mexico

Do you possess the pride, the ferocity, the stamina of the bullfighter? If so, prove it by staying at the Quinta Real Zacatecas luxury hotel, once the famous San Pedro bullring. Now the entire complex has been spruced up into a 5-star hotel that offers every comfort needed. Situated in the historical San Pedro city center, and facing an ancient aqueduct, the hotel style and design mixes the old with the new. Arched entry ways and colonial architecture mix with contemporary furnishing and cuisine to provide a truly interesting experience. The bullring space is typically open for dining and entertainment and is lit by hundreds of candles lining the seating decks, making for one hell of a cocktail party. This place is stylish, sexy and charming, but don't worry, you won't run into any bulls—well maybe in the bedroom.


1. Turn Up the Heat By Spending Like a Billionaire:

Burj Al Arab - Dubai

No doubt many of you readers have heard of or seen this structural marvel since its 2000 debut due largly in part to its claim as "the first seven-star hotel in the world." And, though it's certainly getting some rivalry around the world, I have to include The Burj Al Arab simply for its ground-breaking and still very powerful influence on the hotel industry. The hotel itself is architecturally brilliant. The design is supposed to mimic a billowing sail. And, besides the aesthetic appeal, you'll still be hard pressed to find better service anywhere else in the world. With your chauffeur driven Rolls Royce, discreet in-suite check in, private reception desk on every floor and a brigade of highly trained butlers who provide around-the-clock attention, you're going to be treated like royalty no matter what. And the service has only gotten better as the years go on and competition increases, especially in Dubai. There's a reason it was proclaimed in 2005 as the Best Hotel in the World by the World Travel Awards. Time for you to find out why.


Each and every one of these hotels are sure to impress on a lovely Valentine's Day getaway. You'll be pampered and primped and spoiled no matter where you go, and, yeah it might burn a whole in your pocket, but isn't your sweetheart worth it? I'd say after all the effort, she'll prove that she is.

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Jan 29, 2007
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[...]Top 10 Hotels to Make

[...]Top 10 Hotels to Make Your Lover Moan...In Comfort[...]

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i wanna go 2 posidon

i wanna go 2 posidon

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