The USB Warmer Cushion Brings Heat To Your Seat

The USB Warmer Cushion is hot - well, not "hot" hot, but for those who like to fry by the seat of their pants, it simply can't be beat. Thanks to the thoughtful folks at Thanko, those frosty nights spent shivering in front of your screen are "butt" a memory. OK, enough awful puns, let's cut to the chase: the USB Warmer Cushion works much like a miniature electric blanket. A thin, flexible heating element within the cushion radiates soothing heat to warm you from the bottom up. The element is surrounded by comfortable padding while the 15" square cover can be easily unzipped and tossed into the wash.

Since too much of a good thing is, well, bad, the USB Warmer Cushion features a temperature control dial on the attachment cable. What's more, the cable can be detached at that point to cut the power to the cushion without removing the USB connector from your computer.

What's that? You say your comp's USB ports are already occupied with a USB eye warmer, USB heated gloves, USB heated slippers and USB bottle warmer (all available from Thanko - where do you work, Greenland?)... no problemo, a convenient AC adapter is available that has a USA-style two-prong plug. And get this: the adaptor itself offers a pair of USB ports, presumably for your USB nail care kit and USB aroma diffuser (yes, Thanko makes those too).

So, next time the boss is holding your feet to the fire in order to get that crucial assignment finished on time, your USB Warmer Cushion will work to ensure The Big Chill stays far away from where it counts the most!

The USB Warmer Cushion by Thanko is available from Thanko's Rare Mono Shop and comes with a 44" long USB connecting cable. Pricing is $24.83 for the cushion and $10.58 for the USB Chager/Adapter , plus shipping from Japan via EMS International Speed Mailing Service. Shipping charges vary.

UPDATE: A USB Seat Warmer Cushion is now available in the U.S. as well and can be found here on Amazon.

Steve Levenstein
Japanese Innovations Writer