Three Legged Aliens? No, They're Speakers

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The O'hEocha Audiophile's Speakers with its futuristic design seems to be definitely inspired by the sci-fi movies. They remind me of three-legged aliens. They are eye-catching to look at but how do they sound?

These exotic looking speakers are made in western Ireland by former BMW designer Aonghus O'hEocha, founder of O'hEocha, manufacturers of high end audio systems. O'heocha is a premium innovative bespoke designer and manufacturer of handcrafted audio systems, based in the west of Ireland. Its highly acclaimed speakers are of exceptional sound quality and aesthetic beauty. The combination of leading edge technology and hand-crafted, curved, natural forms is totally unique to O'heocha.

The O'hEocha Audiophile's hand-crafted 200-watt isobaric speakers provide the clearest three-dimensional sound-stage performance available. The speaker's hyperboloid enclosures are made of interesting materials, including aircraft grade aluminum and a PVC/steel composite, reinforced by bracing rods that ensure maximum rigidity and minimize sound wave distortions. The three legs of each speaker taper to a pinpoint to minimize any resonance transfer to your floor, and include floor protectors for each.

Here are some technical details on the speakers:

The 1" tweeter drive unit is mounted on an isolated rubber insert at the top of the assembly with a control spike that minimizes resonance transfer from midrange to treble. The two 61/2" mid-range drive units, one forward-firing and one rear-firing, are mounted on their own suspension system that prevents low frequencies from being transferred to the spherical mid-range enclosure; the spheres rotate horizontally, allowing you to fine tune your listening environment without having to move the speakers. Two 11" sub-woofers are mounted cone-to-cone in an isobaric configuration that generates thunderous bass, providing the enclosure with an effective volume of 1 1/4' cu., resulting in extended bass frequency response equivalent to a speaker enclosure twice its size.

This exotic visual treat meant for your listening pleasure comes with equally pleasing dimensions, weighing at 55lbs and measuring at 41.75" in height and 16.5" in diameter only!

Hammacher Schlemmer discovered the O'hEocha Audiophile's Speakers in Ireland and offer these very unique speakers in the United States now. These out of the world speakers come with an equally celestial price. Though Hammacher Schlemmer offers them for $8,999.95 yet; the product has sold out. Welcome to the sybaritic world.

Kavita Mathur
Guest Blogger