ABC's American Inventor - Episode 3 Season 2 Live Blog and Show Recap

Welcome back for Episode 3 of ABC's second season of American Inventor! We are right in the thick of the preliminary rounds, seeing some great--and not so great--inventions out there. Last week we got our San Francisco and L.A. winners (Greg Chavez and Ricky DeRennaux), and this week we continue with open calls in Chicago and New York. I'm hoping to see some good stuff tonight from the Northern crowd--a healthy mix of cool and crazy. So let's get started...


Part 1:

Carlo Giansanti -Copper- Our first NYC contestant. OK, the "miracles" of copper have been "helping" golfers for years now (ya know those bracelets they all wear?) And maybe we would take him seriously if he demonstrated his strength that is supposedly greater than it was when he was 30. But just showing us a bunch of things (hats, eyeglasses, breathing masks) that have been "enhanced" by coppyer? He has no proof here. And oh Carlo, those glasses....
Dry Swim TrainerDry Swim Trainer
James Davis - Dry Swim Trainer - $25,000?! Holy moly I hope he gets through just because he spent that much freaking money! That's quite a contraption, sir...and it doesn't seem to be working quite as he planned. The idea is good in theory, because not everyone can get to a pool. But, this machine that is supposed to simulate swimming without water is bulky and would have no competition in today's home gym market. It would only fit in a garage or something. And truthfully the price of this thing would be about as much as a gym membership, most of which have pools.

Tom German - Body Squeegee Towl Saver - Hmm. I really don't know how I feel about a body squeegee. I mean, everyone hates doing laundry, and towels are always building up around my house with all the children, but I just can't see anyone getting this. What about your head? You have to dry your head and face, so the need for a towel isn't exactly eradicated. I do see his logic though.

Part 2:

Sophia Kandelaki - 12-in-one jewelry thing - Ok so we started with a jewelry box and ended up with a karaoke machine? And air-conditioner? And a "sexy guy" voice recorder? It's like she just got bored and thought about all the most random things she could put in something arbitrary like a jewelry box. Maybe in the Republic of Georgia....or wherever.

Safe Sex in a Bottle
John Lorinz - Safe Sex in a Bottle - His intro wasn't very convincing was it. Saying you haven't slept with a woman in 4 years doesn't really put me on your side. And last I checked, a condom fit nicely in your back pocket, so needing a key chain to hold one isn't necessary.

Musical SneakerMusical Sneaker Molly Balevre- Musical Sneaker - Oh! I love kid inventors! I'm always rooting for them. I mean, I could see kids liking sneakers that play music maybe by just dancing around with them in their room, but even if she got through she wouldn't be chose as the NYC winner, ya know? But I'll be damned if she didn't get me with those rosy cheeks and quivering lip!

Part 3:

Elmer George - Whizball - So here is our first Chicago inventor, and god bless this 78 year old man for keeping at it. So, the whizball. It's like handball without the wall. Just clip the ball on the string to your shirt and slap it around with the paddles. I do like how he is looking our for the older generation, and, hey, I think it looks fun! And he seems to really enjoy it. Not gonna lie, I totally want to try it. But, aw, I don't like hearing that he needs this to justify 78 years of life, so, whew! The judges gave him a chance. Again, Peter proves that he does have something beating in his chest. Our first yes!

Sandra Erickson - Peel Away Shower Curtain - I wish I would have seen more of this, but it seems straight forward enough to be really successful. One of those things you always say "Gosh, I wish I'd thought of that."

Christina Ritano - Cart Cure - Sanitary covers for grocery cart handles? Genius! This is a great idea! I could see every grocery store in the country having these, especially with growing concerns about germs being everywhere.

John & Henrietta Sparks - Dog Ball - Pet owners love this type of stuff, and I would have chosen it anyway just because of that adorable dog. Yes, I know, I'm a sucker. And I hate trying dogs to stakes, so this heavy, yet movable ball with a leash attached seems a little more humane.

Jun 21, 2007
by Anonymous

You don't even know what your talking about.

Do you even know what a hot wheels track is? It does not sound like it. I can forward you hundreds of emails from people who have purchased a track and the praises they have made about it. before you start talking out your  a**  you should set Expert Racers drag race track up in front of some kids and watch them play for hours. If you would have done that first you would not say something so ignorant.

Jun 22, 2007
by copper friend (not verified)

do a patent search for

do a patent search for Patent #6266824

Jun 23, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)


Let's face the truth.  This show is OVER.  DONE.  KAPUT.  THE YEAR TWO CONTESTANTS ARE AWFUL.  REALLY AWFUL.  Probably not intentional.  And the judges are hard to figure.  From what they have shown, they are weak, but i'm sure they filmed many hours to get the short snips.  It all simply doesn't work.  Last season had some problems-- especially in the second half of the season, when it had to run against ORIGINAL EPISODES OF CSI AND EARL AND THE OFFICE.  This year's there's almost nothing else on.   Season two ratings are in the toilet pathetic.  And AVCstopped promoting it.  And Simon has disappeared.  It's an orphan.  Just wait till it re-runs the first episode on July 4th!!  it's a shame really.  but it's OVER!!

Jun 23, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

American Inventor Season 2

I give a Hoo Rah for all the contestants! It took a lot of guts and cash to get there!

Most of them spent a lot of personal time and effort  and $$$$ to promote their dream....something they believed matter if the product was GOOD or BAD it was part of some one!  I'm sure it became part of their everyday life for a long time, and it can be a real blow when someone trys to  knock you down.

I say Go for it people!!!!  Don't give up, there is always going to be  someone out there that thinks like you and would love to have that product.   PEOPLE MAKE THE WORLD GO ROUND and it's a big world!!!Laughing

Jun 23, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Serious Inventions

I took a serious life saving invention there and was told " I think you have a wonderful invention that will save lives, but that isn't the direction the show wishes to go at this time".

WTF? Look at the stupid stuff that made it there.

Jun 23, 2007
by AmericanCynic

Defensive inventors

Getting defensive won't help you. There's nothing novel and thus patentable about Finger Tunes. There are lots more gloves like that. Google music glove or midi glove.
Wes was taken for a ride for his $300,000. Besides, if he already has all the tooling, packaging and marketing materials, what does he need a $50,000 finalist prize for? Would he scrap all his stuff if the design company Fremantle hires tells him to do so? I didn't think so. AI is or at least should be for inventions that really need help getting finished. Wes basically claims that Expert Racers is finished. He apparently just wants the $1 million to buy advertising.

Jun 23, 2007
by mother of 4 (not verified)


Gee -

Don't you think she did go to a baby store and that is all there was.....handle covers for babies!!!!

I think Care Cure is for ALL ages, not just for babies!  I would love to see something on the market that I suites my personality trait...maybe tyedye or an american flag...I hope she wins!  I recorded the show, if you pause it and read her sign....Her invention is actually awesome!  They're small enough to fit in your back pocket and they come with a case!  I would buy several!

Jun 23, 2007
by mom of 4 (not verified)


Duh -

I taped the episode and paused the section to read her sign...This product is actually Ingenious!

First of all it said due to an ABC news report shopping cart handles are the #1 germ invested item in america, above public restrooms...not cans!  It also shows that Cart Cure comes with a compact case that is small enough to fit into your back pocket or purse (then to be dissinfected when returning home)...duh!

I absolutely would be them...I have four kids, too old for Sesamee Street covers, but that help me shop....I totally would buy them.  I'm sick of my kids getting sick froma freakin cart handle from the dollar store!

Jun 23, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)



Did you know 83,000 tons of wipes rot in our landfills a year!  That's 9000, 18-wheel trucks, that caravan 68 miles...ENOUGH!  Wipes have been on the market for years....yet there is more shit on a shopping cart handle than a toilet seat!    America needs something that is reusable!


Jun 23, 2007
by cox-sacki virus (not verified)


4 years ago my 3 year old daughter got cox-sacki virus (hand-foot-mouth) from a shopping cart.  It was terrible.  She had sores in her mouth, on her hands and on the bottom of her feet, along with a very high fever...The virus is from fecal matter getting into their system, which I feel she obtained from a shopping cart handle...I hope to see these on the market, buying wipes and using them for everything gets costly and I don't even know if they work!

Jun 23, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

serious inventions

We need good live saving inventions!  With everything they had on these  three episodes, I can't see why they would not include your invention.

 I guess we know for the most part that  T.V. is going to show what keeps people watching and thats wacky, crazy, different and out of  the ordinary.  It  gives them something to talk about for the rest of the week!

If you have a good invention, you could probably pitch it to a company that would be more than willing to license and market the product!

Don't give up on it!


Jun 24, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Cart Cure

 Sure, we have alot of trash on this planet. We could take a look at alot of big issues, but sanitary wipes is not one of them. Be honest with yourself. We do need sanitary wipes in the world we live in. Why don't you use the sanitary wipes first and then put the cart cure over the handle if you have a youngster. But as for me,  if someone were to ask me if I would like someone's germs to take home with me or would I like to throw  them in the trash? uhm,

TRASH THE GERMS!!!! Thank You.

Jun 24, 2007
by Wipes Are Out (not verified)

OK Lets carry bleach wipes


Lets carry bleach wipes EVERY WHERE WE GO, to every store we go to....from Sears, Walmart or to your local grocery store and oh, hopefully every store you go to will have a garbage can right there, or maybe you'll just throw it on the ground like so other people who care less about our earth!


Jun 24, 2007
by wes (not verified)

Expert Racers deserves to be in Mass retail

I know some people think that I have a totally finished product in Expert Racers. This is true to a certain degree but there are many things you can do with this race system for die cast cars. Internet racing with Expert Racers? To me American Inventor is about giving people the oppertunity of a life time to show case there invention. Even if it is finished somewhat. Maybe the mass retail stores will see the Race system and want to place an order? Who know's but this was the only way they would ever see Expert Racers. You really can't even get an apointment with the big retailors unless your a big time toy company. Hard lesson learned.

Jun 24, 2007
by AmericanCynic

Re:Wipes - Poor attempt at sarcasm and logic

Um, ever hear of hand sanitizer? No muss, no fuss. Stores like Rite Aid and CVS even have ones shaped like pens that you can spray your hands with. Or you can buy the tiny, pocket size Purell bottles. Honestly, the parents commenting on this are none too bright. Even if you cover the cart handle, kids will touch absolutely everything else and will continue to put their hands in their mouths. That's what kids do, unless you teach them otherwise.

Jun 24, 2007
by Fred C (not verified)

Dryswim trainer

It's a solution looking for a problem. It takes away all the joys of swimming. You're not weightless, but instead feel pressure from the small pads on your chest and hips. Your neck will get tired quickly from trying to hold the weight of your head horizontal. You don't feel the water gliding past you. There's nothing to give any resistance for the arms, so it's not much of a trainer. It's little better than standing up and swinging your arms around. You're much better off buying a punching bag, which would give the same workout of the oblique abs and upper body, the only muscles this thing exercises. Why is it so hard to get into? Any exercise equipment that needs a helper or a ladder to get into is badly designed. Why is it so high anyway? The "swimmer's" hands aren't anywhere near the ground so it looks about twice as high as it needs to be.

Jun 24, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Logic of the Wipes

It is true that kids put hands on everything. I agree with the fact that covering bad germs is not good or smart. If you cover the handle, you better cover the seat because you don't know if the little one before you had a leaky diaper.

Jun 28, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)


Um-gee, I don't think your Purell sanitizer is the cure all.  First of all, there are many people who have sensitive skin and can not even use that and my 3 and 9 year have a terrible habit of biting their nails...they have told me the taste of Purell lingers in their mouth for hours and causes them to feel sick to their stomach. Second, obviously kids touch everything.....however, statistics show (check it out for yourself:  google germs, shopping cart handles).....the NUMBER ONE germ infested item, above a public bathrooms, IS SHOPPING CART HANDLES!  And.....CART CURE is NOT just for children, it is for ALL genders, age and races.   They come in thousands of designs so anyone can use them, sports, flowers, animals, companies can advertisement on them, whatever you'd like.  There is also a clear plastic one that fits your shopping list and coupons!  There are already things out there for babies....adolescents, adults, elderly would be the one to use Cart Cure, especially at the airpot when traveling, (if you need to rent a cart).  AND... they come with a protective carrying case small enough to fit in your pocket.....and one is made out of antibacterial fabric............TOO KILL THE GERMS!  AND yes, there are two other kinds, plastic and cloth that may be washed once you get home and then reused!



Jun 29, 2007
by Steve Frey (not verified)

Six Tap is a NOVELTY Product

Thanks for you comments about the Six Tap. Unfortunately the first part of my pitch, where I explain that the Six Tap is a NOVELTY product, was edited out. How many "Beer Helmets" do you think have been sold in the US?

Jun 30, 2007
by Brian (not verified)

price point

I saw this on the show and loved it! My boys turned to me and asked,  Can we get one? Look for other ways to market your track... once it cathes on I think it could be a succes.

Where's your web site?

Jul 8, 2007
by Mr. Rosenberg (not verified)

global warming

This invention could save the world, but the govt and power generators dont want it. Is this for real?!

Aug 27, 2007
by christina (not verified)

Sonya - Absolutely, your

Sonya -

Absolutely, your product is brilliant and amazingly...I did NOT see your ad nor did my patent attorney, we both performed endless hours searching for products of the like.  With all the information we found.....your product did not come up!!!

My invention is similar, however a huge difference is that mine is available in  designer fabrics  .... not just for babies and is made of a SPECIAL SOLUTIONS that kills harmful bacertia!  There is a little difference there!

The show obviously recognized this, which is why out of 3000, I was one of 6 finalists!

I hope your invention has given you wonderful rewards and I thank you for bringing your product to my attention!

Best Wishes,

Christina Raitano - Cart Cure Handle Covers