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To learn more about our focus and our interest in helping independent inventors, please see our Welcome Innovators, Inventors and Entreprenuers page. Please also see all our resources for inventors and the inventor community in our Help And Resources For Inventors Overview page.

History of InventorSpot.com

Our website was originally named AmericanInventorSpot.com. It was inspired and formed in March 2006 by an inventor to discuss the reality television show American Inventor. We are now a website that inspires, informs and entertains independent inventors, innovators and others who think outside the box.

On Technorati.com, we were historically one of the Top 1000 or so most referenced blogs in the world (out of the 118 million blogs tracked by Technorati.com worldwide). On Alexa.com, we were now one of the top eighty thousand  or so websites in the world (of the several millions websites tracked by Alexa.com worldwide).

The site went through some challenges during its growth and came under new management in early 2013. The site is currently going through a transition and site revamp to better address the needs of InventorSpot.com's readers and the inventor community. We appreciate your patience and support as we undergo the extensive changes on our site.

InventorSpot.com Management Team

InventorSpot.com is a site powered by Halcyon Solutions Inc., a privately held website company. Our team includes:

  • Phil Koutsis - a.k.a. Think Outside the Circle - Creative Director, Founder, and Inventor
  • Alexis Blu - Founder and Chief of Bossiness
  • Michelle Blu - Managing Editor and Master of All Business Affairs
  • Ken Casey - Webmaster and Tech Guru

together with our wonderful Featured Bloggers.

InventorSpot.com's Featured Bloggers 

InventorSpot has over a dozen writers scouring the news and web daily for interesting innovations and the best in new products and technologies. You can reference our team of writers here on our Writer's Page

If you are interested in becoming a writer and joining our team, please contact us. We are always looking for great writers.

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We Are Not Affiliated With Any Invention Service Company 

InventorSpot.com is a news and information site. This website does not solicit product ideas from inventors or provide a fee based service for inventors with product ideas. We are not affiliated with any other company providing services to the inventor community. There is NOTHING we are trying to sell. All we provide is news, information, entertainment and inspiration to those interested in inventions. All of the revenues to run the site are made solely from advertising to our visitors and voluntary donations from the inventor community.