Masterpieces in Parchment: WASHI

Papermaking is an ancient art of Japan. History records that the art was started in Japan by Buddhist monks in 610 A.D. Though once there were many families and artisans engaged in this craft, today a precious few remain. These families have diligently preserved the art of Washi or papermaking. Washi is made from the fibres of a variety of plants, mulberry being the foremost. The complicated process sees the use of tororo-aoi, a variety of sticky mountain potato and bamboo screens. Washi is as exquisitely beautiful as it is durable.

Precious Pieces is a company that has brought Washi to the United States. Washi parchment can be used in a variety of places, as screens between rooms, on the walls, framed on doors to add a style quotient...the uses are many.

As it says on the website, the creations are a combination of ‘contemporary design and traditional craft.'

The company can produce seamless pieces as large as 30 feet X 100 feet. The selection is excellent, and the claim of the company that they produce ‘the most beautiful and unique examples of washi, sold by no other showroom in the US or Japan,' seems justifiable.

Have a look.


Aditi Simlai Tiwari
Lifestyle Writer