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No doubt many of you caught on to the still-popular-as-ever accent wall fad. With the help of home makeover shows like Trading Spaces and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, the American public was introduced to cheap and affordable ways to spruce up the home. But, as with any trend, the market is always looking for ways to keep the ball rolling and Green Fortune has come up with a unique way to take the accent wall one step further.

The recently introduced Plantwall is a fun and compelling way to integrate foliage into public and private spaces. The walls vary in size and shape and can be grown with a multitude of different plants. What's really great about the Plantwall is that it allows for a nice display of greenery without sacrificing floor space, making it perfect for the lobby of a hotel or an apartment living room. In addition, the environmental benefits make the Plantwall all the more appealing.

As mentioned, the Plantwall is available with a number of different plant combinations allowing for a personalized wall. Looking for calm and peaceful? Add plants with blooms that will compliment the style and colors of your house. Fancy something a little more exotic? With the right shrubbery you could grow it heavy and wild and add some real intensity to any room. Something I've always liked about plants in the home is that they can become living sculptures. With plants like palms and ferns the hard edges of the leaves become very structural and architectural and can really make an impact in a room. That being the case, add plants like these to your Plantwall and really catch the eye of the beholder.

The versatility of the Plantwall makes it a solid choice for the design enthusiast and, with proper care and attention, the wall will only improve over time. The Plantwall in the photo is from a clothing store in Stockholm and it hasn't stopped growing since it's planting in March. Impressive.

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Seth Plattner
Featured Blogger
American Inventor Spot Team

Oct 21, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Does it require cleaning, or

can you just LEAVE it alone?

Oct 21, 2006
by Seth Plattner


The plant is watered and fertilized through a drip irrigation system and is actually quite clean. It is automatically programmed by Green Fortune. I would think that besides the occassional shake off from plants, the plantwall is shouldn't cause too many problems.

Oct 21, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

I think it is UGLY

and, over time, I think it is highly likely to attract nasty BUGS. Like those awesome-looking NEW aquariums, they initially look nice, but I doubt they will stay that way.