Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Premium - Review

When Adobe Systems purchased the web and training tools design expertise of Macromedia, Inc. in 2005, most industry observers expected a major new product redesign in Adobe's Creative Suite series. Although Adobe Creative Suite 2 was a great improvement over the initial grouping of applications, Creative Design 3 is the major change for which the industry has been waiting.

The updates encompass four versions. The Creative Suite Design Premium 3 bundle what we will review here. This bundle includes Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop Extended, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe (formerly Macromedia) Flash Professional, Adobe Acrobat Professional and Adobe Bridge - a means of accessing Adobe Cue, Adobe Device Control, Adobe stock photos, and Adobe Acrobat content.

The Creative Suite 3 Design Premium is available for Windows (XP and Vista) and Macintosh (OS X) for an estimated street price of $1,799 for non-upgrade buyers, and $599 for upgrade buyers. It should be noted that those who upgrade may ALSO sell their old version, and formally relinquish their old version license. The buyer can install the old version and immediately upgrade to Creative Suite 3. Upgrades are available at eBay, Adobe System's website, or local dealers. We do not recommend the 3.1 Gb download version if you have Hughes Systems as your ISP.


Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Premium delivers an essential, highly-efficient toolkit for print, web, interactive, and mobile design. The software integrates new releases of InDesign CS3, Photoshop CS3 Extended, Illustrator CS3, Flash CS3 Professional, Dreamweaver CS3, and Acrobat® Professional for creating compelling publications, websites, rich interactive experiences, and engaging content. Also available today is Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Standard software for designers and print service providers focusing on professional design and print production.

With Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Premium, users can experiment, save, and apply color combinations quickly and intuitively using the new Live Color feature in Illustrator; perform image editing tasks such as selecting image areas, compositing images, and applying filters faster and more flexibly with Photoshop CS3 Extended; master Flash more easily thanks to its new Adobe-standard user interface; and reposition print content on the web by exporting InDesign CS3 documents as XHTML and then modifying them in Dreamweaver CS3 using CSS.

The new version offers extensive real-time web-based collaboration through Adobe Acrobat Connect. You can collaborate with a writer developing written content, a photographer using Photoshop Extended to perfect photos, and an artist using the vector based art drawing tool Adobe Illustrator to create the complete print masters, web pages, or Mobile device screens. For either the creative staff of a firm or freelancers working together, there is an online conference room available for assignments, idea exchange, and revision definition.

For Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Premium the true test is in an appraisal. A trial version is available on the Adobe System's website. You will quickly find your favorite tools from one application are available in another application. For the truly massive product, this Adobe creation is intuitive. As you learn one tool, your skills will become immediately useful in another application. This application gets a five star rating.

Charlie Mann
Guest Blogger