ABC's American Inventor - Episode 2 Season 2 Live Blog and Show Recap


Hi everyone and welcome back for Episode #2 of ABC's American Inventor. As we saw last week, there is quite the spread of wanna-be-inventors this season. Tonight auditions in Los Angeles and San Francisco continue, and I've got an equal amount of hope for some terrible inventions and some great ones. Ya gotta love the bad ones simply for their entertainment value, right?

The show should be starting here in about 5 minutes, so get comfy on the couch and share your comments with tonight's episode of American Inventor.


Part 1:









Milton Butler - Lawn Master - If there is anything the American public latches onto, its yard stuff, so this guy has the right idea. And who doesn't hate weed-eating? I sure do, so anything that makes it easier, I'm all for it.

Skylar Quarles - Mindframe- Here comes the pre-presentation excitement which more often than not means someone is destined for failure. looks like failure is where this guy his headed. So it's motivational sayings on your wrist? And then...nothing? Not necessarily the way to impress the judges with that whole give-me-the-money-and-I'll-show-you-what-I-can-make thing.

Gregory Smith - The Glove Inverter - Peter is right is right, what's wrong with a stick to push the fingers out on an inside-out glove? But he seemed very enthused, no? And I think he had the least nervous presentation we've seen But, come on, a glove inverter?

Part 2:

Wow! Two finalists in one round. I like those odds.









Arbor - Oh hippies with the one names. So this [unnamed] juggling device was invented in 1976? This guy probably hasn't been out of the hippie commune since 1976 because something very very similar has already been invented. And, if I recall, they didn't quite catch on...

Erica Fand and Shelly Kohan - Fresh Cuts - Right off the bat I like a young girl team, because, let's face it, beauty/home products and the females just go good together. They might need to make the flowers look a little less fake, but I think those who find keeping up with fresh flowers difficult will like these fake flower that emit a nice scent.









Tammy Harris - Easy Flow - OK, first, bad name. Easy Flow? Alittle...menstrual? BUT, I like this cake decorating invention, because it simplifies something that everyone wants to be able to do, but can't. Those cake icing bags are messy and unwieldy. But this has some true potential and, I'll admit, it's the most innovative idea I've seen so far on the show. And wow was she prepared! That's what I like to see.

Part 3:









Tasesa Akeripa - Rowdy Hat - What makes this inherently rowdy? Just because rowdy fans are supposed to wear it to support their team? I see way too many eyes poked out with someone wearing that. Drunk fans and pointed objects? Not such a good idea.









The car casket? I loved it! Haha. I could actually see a small population of Harley Riders and classic car enthusiasts who would love something like a casket that looks like a cool car. He should build them made-to-order and he might have a nice side business.

Amy Nahn - Hair Remover - The third of three wacky inventions (Pimple. Pimple? Pimple. Pimple?) and it was probably the most likely to fail when the guy started his demonstration with "It's still a little dangerous." But Bravo for coming in with a number of possibilities...even if they failed.









Michael Every - Collapsible Wheelchair - At least he is doing something for his community and I like that he is doing something good for himself and other handicapped people. I think with financial backing he's got a huge chance of doing well in this competition. With proper materials it could collapse much more quickly and be a lot lighter. He's one to watch.

Part 4:









Richard Kerr - Mr. Brighteyes - Sort of goofy...but it works right? And I hate finding batteries lying around and not knowing if they work, so a battery tester would be a great idea. I'll say that Peter isn't making much sense in his argument. I like this little old man and I think with some re-design it could be a worthy invention. It looks like a little toy right now, but it definitely has potential.









Ricky DeRennaux - HP Custom Built Racer - This might actually be something good for elementary or early junior high kids. I could totally see these build-it-yourself automotives as a teaching tool and kids would really have fun with it, right? It's not very "green" (isn't that what everyone says now) with all the paper use but it's still a neat idea. I sort of wish I had this growing up...

Part 5

George Cox - The GG Hearing Aid stabilizer - Not gonna lie, he's moving me here. I'll admit that I don't like the judges asking them "what they sacrificed" just to draw out the sob story. We get it, but I guess they gotta work the production. Anyway, they put a ton of preparation into these colorful, fun clips that keep hearing aides in place and it seems pretty legit, so I would give them a shot. It's also something that could be easily customized with colors and stuff, which is great for kids.

Aw! Peter's heart isn't made of cold, hard, emotionless stone! What a nice gesture, and completely warranted.

Part 6:

So here are our top three American Inventor finalists from L.A.:

Ricky DeRennaux - I think this is the most marketable invention of the three. I see kids loving these things.
Richard Kopelle - Really? Top 3? I still can't get over that voice! Sort of freaky
Michael Every - This one makes the most "difference" in the world

And San Francisco:

Greg Chavez - His Guardian Angel has a lot of family pull to it, so I think it will beat out Shelly and Erica for that reason.
Milton Butler - Dads would love this I think, but not as wide a market.
Shelly and Erica - This would be the most marketable of the three, and it's not seasonal as the other two are.

And the San Francisco winner is...Greg Chavez! I see big potential for this one too. We have a live tree in my house, and i know my mom would buy a Guardian Angel as soon as it hit the markets. Not sure if I see it goig to the end, but a well deserved $50,000 to try

And the L.A. winner is....Ricky DeRennaux! I think it's a wise decision. I seriously see his Custom Built Racers flying off shelves and it's something that could be updated throughout the years. I'm psyched to see what the money does for these things.










So tonight felt much more satisfactory than last week because we saw a lot more finalists, which was great. The bad ones are fun, but I think it's better to start showing the competition early on to get us attached to certain inventors and their ideas. I also think the inventions we saw go through tonight were of a much better quality than last weeks, do you all agree? They just felt more thought out and actually usable. I hope that everyone, including you Mountain/Pacific time zone people who have yet to watch the show--will include which inventions you want to move on. I'll be checking in on the message boards to keep up with everyone's comments, so don't hesitate to let us know what you thought of tonight's episode of American Inventor.


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Jun 14, 2007
by Mr. Toilet Seat
Mr. Toilet Seat's picture

Guardian Angel Already Exists

I think the Guardian Angel is a great IDEA. Too bad it already exists and has been patented. You can see these inventions at the United States Patent & Trademark website. Take a look at the drawings for patent numbers 5,031,702 and 4,830,114. This just goes to show you. American Inventor is a TV SHOW. Not a true invention competition. Best of luck to everyone and may Mr. Toilet Seat from Houston make millions.

Jun 14, 2007
by Michelle
Michelle's picture

Hi Car:  The hearing aid

Hi Car: 

The hearing aid stabiizer is something for kids to wear so that they can play without losing their hearing aid. His daugher is deaf and he built it for her.

The moving moment happened as the guy had gotten ripped off and paid $3000 for a patent search.  His family sacrified and went without heat and hot water to pay the $3000, and ate beans and eggs for his whole family. Peter generously decided to pay him the $3000 back.

 Hope now you can sleep tonight. :)


Jun 15, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Let's find some positve flow for the show!

Let’s not be so negative toward the inventors. It’s a show and last year we heard the same arguments from other inventors who wrote in with bitterness because they didn’t get picked and it shouldn’t be this guy or that women because it exist already. You don’t have the details and you’re not an expert with inventing a product that sell millions or are you an executive producer of a TV show. Unless you walked in these shoes then you should learn to be more positive because this could be the reason you didn’t try out or were not picked in the first place.  Rules were changed last year during the show and the inventors in the final 12 dealt with it!  Attitude adjustment is in order.

Jun 16, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Not listed- yet still not allowed to present it at the audition

I had an invention that had a small sharp edge and it wasn't allowed  at  the Tampa audtion. Last year a branch cutter was on T.V.. Tampa had a three wheeled lawn mower that moved on.  Also, already shown in the top three- a lawn mower with a sharp cutting blade. You could chop one of the judges heads off with these type of blades! So, they should be at least a little consistent. Don't you agree? I think they are liable if in writing they positvely are not allowed ;and then accept  some and not others!

Jun 16, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

I Agree

Especially when they are a winner like the computer programming paper designed racers!

Jun 16, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

It's a entertainment show

My answer to the computer guy as the winner. Now that we are into season two. All of the season 1 inventors were the guinea pigs and people riped the inventors when they didn't know what they were getting into because the show didn't alllow them to watch the show or talk with anybody. You know how the game is played on this show after the first season so don't blame the inventors for being chosen this year. They are just like you and me trying to capitalize on thier chance to have a dream happen. Go get it computer shcool teacher with your paper car!

Jun 18, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Therapy Buddy

I can't for the life of me figure out
what is so enticing about "Everything
is going to be all right" Therapy Buddy. It was
"frightening" last year and this year it is just
over kill! I didn't know that last years contestants
could re-enter this year! Oh well it is an interesting
show to say the least and I will be watching.

Jun 18, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)


...if your invention is a cutting device, it should have a sharp edge, but if your invention is...say, some type of device that goes in your eye or mouth, or is something children use, it makes total sense that a sharp edge should disqualify it.

Look at the context of the disqualification before griping.

Jun 18, 2007
by r00 (not verified)

American Product Developer.

That's what the title of this show should be.. I'm really disappointed that a show that should be about innovation is all about products instead.. Almost all the products that have been shown over the past two episodes have been products, not innovative ideas. Things like Therapy Buddy (it's a talking doll. It reminds me of the little girls from The Shining) or the battery tester (there's already one out there). Even the paper RC cars.. It's a great product, but how is it an innovative invention? The guy with the wheelchair, as well as the cake pen, and the hearing aid attachment would be far more 'worthy' innovations, as they've never been seen before (to my knowledge). Out of ALL the contestants that showed up for LA and SF, the ones that were picked over the past two cities were the ONLY ones that were any good? It gives me hope that my ideas will have room to blossom.

Jul 25, 2007
by Daniel J. Spotts (not verified)

Collapsible Wheelchair

Is there any way I could contact Mr. Michale Every?  His idea of a collapsible wheelchair could be very popular amoung the large 'community' of wheelchair users.  A light version of the wheelchair would be very useful for the elderly who have to lift wheelchairs into and out of automobiles.  I believe a major wheelchair manufacturer would be interested in funding Mr. Every, and many of his collapsible wheelchairs could be built.

Please give him my email address, or send me his if he has one for distribution.  Thank you.

Aug 24, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Collapsible wheelchair

Please see