American Inventor Final 12 Update - Darla Davenport-Powell - Inventor of the Here Comes Niya Doll

Darla with Niya DollDarla with Niya DollLos Angeles, CA (8/23/06) — “NIYA SINGS OSAKA’S SONG.”

ABC’s American Inventor Finalist, Darla Davenport-Powell is reaching a new world market—Japan. Her multilingual invention, The Here Comes Niya doll speaks and sings in 4 languages-English, Spanish, Swahili and Japanese with well over 100 phrases. The Niya doll is a world traveler that exposes children to different cultures and different lands—fostering global awareness and understanding. Press her knee and the Niya doll says, “Let’s join hands and travel the world together. Ready?”

On August 26, 2006, Niya Powell, the daughter of Darla Davenport-Powell
and the inspiration behind the “Here Comes Niya” doll, will journey to Osaka, Japan to teach Gospel music to the students at the Soul Bird Music School. “The doll speaks more Japanese than I do,” said Niya, however, music is a universal language that everyone can understand.” “I plan to immerse myself in the ‘culture’ and learn as much as I can,” she added. This marks the beginning of her worldwide tour. Upon Niya’s return, she will release her debut Gospel CD and DVD.

“It’s amazing how art imitates life or life imitates art, in this case, they’re one in the same,” said Powell, whose daughter and doll are on the same mission—To Unite the World Through Song. As new additions to the Global Kids family are introduced in the near future we invite you to visit and bookmark the website to track the travel adventures of Niya and Friends. You won’t want to miss this “new” international phenomenon. Finally a new global doll lifestyle brand has come along that encourages unity in the world community.

Powell has dedicated her life to building the Here Comes Niya global lifestyle brand with soon-to- be-licensed multimedia products and merchandise. A recognized speaker and workshop facilitator, Powell has conducted empowerment seminars that have been called “life changing,” “It’s all about honoring your passion,” she said.

For additional information or a sample copy, Contact: Jessica Williams 310.498.6691 13151 Fountain Park Drive Ste C129, Playa Vista, CA 90094.


Congradulations Darla. This is really great news. Thanks for keeping us updated.


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