American Inventor Final 12 Update: Mark Martinez - Inventor of the SackMaster

SackMasterSackMasterWe just received an update about Mark Martinez, the inventor of the SackMaster, by none other than bottleslingguy (anyone who visits our site frequently knows who I am talking about). Mark was one of the Final 12 contestants in the American Inventor TV show. The SackMaster is a shovel like device that enables one person (vs the regular two) to fill sandbags.

This time Mark is trying to help out our troops in Iraq. Our troops are developing an ailment that is being called "Sandbag Palsy" from filling so many sandbags. "The soldiers use sandbags to protect their shelters from shrapnel, to buffer the impact of gunfire on the undersides of their Humvees, and in the trenches to buffer the impact of gunfire." The article tells us that US Government officials aren't open to listening about the faster, easier way to fill sandbags. Mark is asking for everyone's help to get the government officials to listen. If you can help, contact Mark at his website:

Check out the entire article by going to send2press.



Aug 18, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)


Mark, the govt spends $4,000 on ash trays, they can surely spend $2,000 on your sackmaster, YOU'LL MAKE BILLIONS

Aug 18, 2006
by Matt Wood

Aw man...

Too bad this wasn't available during Katrina and subsequent flooding of Mississippi and immediate area. Might have helped hold back flooding?

Aug 18, 2006
by bottleslingguy
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Missed opportunities?

I wonder why we don't hear about the other sandbagging devices, especially now after all these flooding issues? Why haven't the other inventors jumped on the bandwagon?

Why not jump on another bandwagon and check out my invention at Bottle Sling - Invention Gallery ?

Sep 12, 2006
by Jules (not verified)


Come on! The only sandbagging those lazy government bureaucrats are familiar with is the figurative type.
I'm surprised Halliburton hasn't recieved a billion dollar grant to figure out a way to put sand into bags.

Good luck Mark. I hope they actually wake up and see the light.

Sep 29, 2006
by Sackmaster2000 (not verified)

sackmaster 2000

This is Mark Martinez American Inventor with the Sackmaster Update As soon as I got off the show my family and I have been on a mission to help the people hit the hardest by bad weather and hurricanes . we took a 4 day trip to Hawaii to donate Sackmasters to people who were sandbagging during the 40 days of rain the month prior Then my family and I went to New orleans to St.Bernard Parish and met up with Fire Chief Tomas Stone. With his help we donated 40 Sackmasters to 7 countys then from there we went to florida and donated shovels from Vero beach to Miami over 500 miles where we stopped in every city and county but the best news of all Great for anybody who supported the Sackmaster and me . we have just sold our first order to the US ARMY and Air Force thank you for your support visit us at

Sep 29, 2006
by Alexis

Congradulations Mark

That is such great news. Glad the US government opened their eyes to the needs of our guys helping here and abroad. Please keep us updated on what's going on.

Nov 24, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

sac master