American Inventor - Season 2 Starts Tomorrow at 9 PM on ABC

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Well, it's here. Season Two of the American Inventor reality television show is starting tomorrow night, Wednesday, June 6, 2007. The show times are 9 pm Eastern and 8 pm Central time on ABC. And just like last year, we're going to provide the best, most in depth coverage, provide a forum for commentary, and host live blogs about the show.

The American Inventor show promises that it will uncover the hottest new product and make one struggling inventor’s dream come true. With one million dollars at stake, “American Inventor will celebrate the best in homespun American ingenuity."

Co-creators Simon Cowell and Peter Jones have tweaked the less than great format from Season One and promise to have a much better show this season. They have for the seond year of the show, a new panel of judges, a new show host and a new format.


This season, national casting calls were held in six major cities across the country — Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Houston and Tampa. The judgeswill narrow down the initial entries and choose one finalist from each city who will be given $50,000 seed money to further develop and refine his or her product for the semifinal round. In the end, it will be up to the American viewing audience to call in and vote for one of three finalists and the invention they feel is worthy of the one million dollar grand prize, moving that person one step closer to the dream of mass producing a product.

I guess we will soon find out if the changes will improve the show.

American Inventor’s panel of expert judges are:

George FormanGeorge Forman

George Foreman - two-time World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, successful businessmen famous for selling the George Foreman Grill line of products and ordained minister.

Peter JonesPeter JonesPeter Jones, co-creator of American Inventor, Season 1 judge and business tycoon now taking his energy to producing successful television shows, including American Inventor, the concept which is now showing around the world.

Pat CrocePat CrocePat Croce - famous coach of the Philadelphia 76ers, sports commentator and successful physical therapy and sports medicine entrepreneur. Croce was a recipient of the “Entrepreneur of the Year” Award and was featured on the cover of Inc magazine as “The Dale Carnegie of the 21st Century.

Sara BlakelySara BlakelySara Blakely - successful business woman and owner of Spanx, which provides "slimming, comfortable bodyshapers, hosiery, intimates, and apparel."


Nick SmithNick SmithNick Smith, former reporter and host for other ABC shows, will be the host for Season Two of American Inventor.

The previews say that Episode 201 of American Inventor will cover auditions in San Fransisco and Los Angeles.

Join us in our live blog coverage and in our lively Forum Discussions of the show. We'll have finalists from Season One joining in from time to time providing their unique perspectives on the show.

Featured Blogger

Jun 6, 2007
by Anonymous Jack Warden (not verified)

Paris Requests Furlough to Appear on "A.I." Show

Paris, "finding herself"--humiliated and sober--has joined the ranks of the next "American Inventor" by creating the ultimate "Cellmate Kit" and wants a furlough to present her invention on the show.

Not exactly original, her invention is a modified collection of rejected last-season's A.I. products that would come in very handy while institutionalized.

First on the list is a flatulence cushion that fits over a metal chomode and has a small opening near the center to let feces pass while the cushion absorbs the aroma.  Paris realized this was essential on her first day when other inmates complained that her sh*t DOES stink.

Second is a "celldoor clip" that one attaches to the metal bars immediately before defecating.  The original door clip was not designed to fit on metal bars, so this is clearly an ingenious improvement.  Unlike the original door clip, which is designed to secure the door, the door is already secure and the clip is used to warm others of impending offensive loud sounds.

Third is a yeast-infection flask.  Pointing out the difficulty acquiring one necessary ingredient to make pruno--yeast--Paris envisions a flask that is inserted into the vagina, collects the yeast, and is ready to use.

Paris does NOT want preferential treatment, but is urging her fans to please send fruit baskets or raw potatoes.  The best part of jail, according to Paris, is that she can drink but not drive.

Jun 6, 2007
by Anonymous Jerry Humdinger (not verified)

"Judge Swapner Show"

Peter, being the most sought-after reality show judge, is in the final planning stages for the new "Judge Swapner Show".  Crossing all network lines and borders, any show having a panel of judges may request a "Judge Swap" to acquire Peter's services and his infamous "buzzer" of disapproval (for an undisclosed but very high fee, of course).

There is already a snag.  Judge Judy--a sole judge without a panel and only a Byrd in hand--is growing weary after calling so many plaintiffs and defendants "idiots" and has requested a "Judge Swap" for the summer session while she gets another long overdue facelift and--much to everyone's surprise--breast implants that will make her robe have points.

Peter, flat-chested and already adept at calling people idiots and insane (not to mention fitting the part of not being as smart as Judge Judy on her dumbest day), should have no problem filling her robe.  Simon, however, has outright refused to allow Peter to award the best plaintiff or most exonerated defendant a $1 million prize and is opposed to replacing Byrd with Mike Tyson unless Jerry Springer agrees to be the referee.