American Inventor TV Show - Audition Start Date Confirmed


OK - don't get too excited. This is just a little update.

Did anyone just get an email from the American Inventor TV show. For those of you who didn't, I just wanted to let you know that you should keep your eyes out for it. I believe anyone who signed up on their website for updates should have gotten an email from them. I don't feel comfortable cutting and pasting the entire email because they say its "confidential" and may be "privileged" (don't know what kind of privilege it would fall under but legalize is scary - right? so I won't cut and paste the whole thing).

The email confirmed that American Inventor will be running their auditions during February/March 2007. I don't mean to pat ourselves on the back, but come on, pat, pat, pat. We were right on the nose. Thanks Erik. You can check out his article (from a few weeks ago) letting us know about auditions by going to Exclusive News About American Inventor TV Show - Season Two.

Also, their email said to keep checking their website, because they will soon be posting the exact audition dates, times, and locations near you. Also, they will soon have available an application and invention submission form (which is needed to try out for American Inventor).

Have you visited our Forums? Please make sure to come visit our Forums to talk about the auditions and get the latest gossip about the show. A number of finalists from Season One, have told that they will be checking in on our Forums to give future candidates lots of advice and tips.

Thanks so much for visiting!!! Make sure to come back on January 4, 2007 to check out our updated site.

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BTW - For all those of you who visit our site regularly and are wondering how releasing this article falls within taking a break from releasing new content (see HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!)... Just know we appreciate you all. We will always try to let you be the first to know the breaking news about Season Two of American Inventor.


Dec 30, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Starting later than last year?

It looks as though AI has streamlined their taping technique. Last year they started auditions before the prior year's end. This year they start auditions, what looks to be, months later than they did originally.

Is it possible that they've decided they don't need as much time as before? That would sure be a first!! Usually, shows like this discover at the end of the day that they needed more time than they were allotted.

My fear is that AI did not bring in the sort of numbers that ABC had been hoping for last year, and that this year the resources allowed for this show is less than before.

If this is the case (and I truly hope not), then we can expect things to be a bit more compressed and uncomfortable for the contestants this year as compared to last year. Uhg! Could someone dispel my fears and give us a good explanation as to the taping and audition procedure change? (Please) Or, could somebody prove to us just how successful AI was last year for ABC - Does anyone have access to any positive comments made by the studio executives about the show? Or, last year's total budget figures compared to this year's - You know, anything at all to show how AI is doing.

Jan 20, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

this is jan. 20..

What are the dates and places for Feb.? Some need at least 30 days notice to get off work!

Jan 28, 2007
by Steve (not verified)

amer. invent.

Yes you folks were right on with the Feb. March predicted times for the American inventor auditions. I recieved a notice myself but I haven't heard a word since then. Feburary is getting pretty close also. Anyone heard any more? I would appreciate any news . Thanks

Aug 27, 2008
by Anonymous

Claire Robinson is GENIUS!!

Claire Robinson is GENIUS!!

Sep 2, 2008
by Anonymous

Liquid container cap with integral steeper

i don't know about genius claire but that sounds like a very good idea. it would come in handy on the way to work i guess!

good luck!

Sep 7, 2008
by Anonymous

beans or leaves??

i mainly drink coffee, but that kind of lid may intrigue me to put aside the bean once in awhile and drink more tea! - jj jackson

Sep 9, 2008
by Anonymous

Oprah Winfrey

Miss Robinson,

As an inventor, you look for publicity for your invention. You hope for a magazine to cover you, perhaps a manufacturer to take an interest in your idea, maybe even a local television station to do a story on you. Have you contacted Oprah?
I could see you sitting on that comfy chair next to the daytime queen and discussing your tea lid hook/tab steeper invention.

Your product sure would solve my on the go tea dilemmas!

There are a variety of different ways to contact Oprah Winfrey. First, contrary to popular belief, snail mail is still an effective form of communication. You can try to contact Oprah Winfrey via the Oprah Winfrey Show’s mailing address at: PO Box 909715, Chicago, Illinois 60690-9715. Alternatively, you can also send your comments to the Oprah Winfrey Show’s street address at: 110 N Carpenter St., Chicago, Illinois 60607-2146. If it’s the O Magazine you’re aiming for, write to: 300 W 57th Street, Floor 36, New York, New York 10019-3741.

Very cool Claire. Cheers!


Nov 6, 2008
by Anonymous

steamy idea!!!

steamy idea!!! for vancouver's wet weather we need all the hot beverage devices we can find, in addition it's great to see a new human invention that caters to all coffee or tea aficionado's.

randolph scott

Nov 15, 2008
by Anonymous

Inventor Showcase

Hi Claire,

I came across your tea lid website through a co-worker that along with me is in the process of showcasing up and coming inventors! We would like to talk to you regarding your availability in respect to our program collaborating young inventors and enterpenures. We have contacted you via e-mail. (including all the information regarding program layout) We anticipate your response and hope to hear from you shortly.


Ray Bishop
Program Co-ordinator