And The Big Idea from the UK is...

While those of us stateside were filling our bellies with turkey and stuffing, our counterparts across the ocean were picking the winner of The Big Idea, the UK's answer to American Inventor. Who took home the grand prize of 100,000 GBP and international (or at least European) fame and fortune? The answer is as long as you can pull your arm...

...the Cyclaire! Beating out such innovations as an easy-to-use cat travel case, a flexible pool cue and a scooter you can ski on, British inventor Julian Peck won The Big Idea with his Cyclaire bike pump.

I can't really argue with the choice. Unlike most entrants on these types of shows, which are merely "rethinkings" of existing products, or cross-pollination of an idea from one industry to another, the Cyclaire is an application of a totally different technology. It uses a pull-string to drive the air pump piston that fills your tire (or tyre, as they say in England). So instead of the usual 12-18 inch stroke length you get from a traditional pump, the Cyclaire gives a stroke length as long as you can pull your arm back, so it fills your tire that much quicker and easier. If you've ever used one of those portable bike pumps, you'll appreciate the value in this, as you know what a knuckle-breaker those mini-pumps can be.

As a casual cyclist, the only thing I can see wrong with it is that it because of it's unique shape, it doesn't exactly fit in with the streamline of your road bike. But if you've got one in your garage or throw it in your pack for a mountain bike trip, this seems like the way to go.

My only beef is that Cyclaire had been around for a while before the show...since early 2005, when it was named Innovation of the Year by Cycling Plus magazine (check out the Cyclaire website here) . Maybe it's just me, but I thought the spirit of these shows was to get a crazy new idea and a dedicated new inventor off the ground, not help subsidize existing, award-winning products.

But it's a great application of new technology to an everyday task (if you have a bike) and kudos to Julian for his success.

Tim Whitney
Feature Blogger

To read about the six finalists in the Big Idea show, see Tim's earlier article: American Inventor...British Style!

Nov 29, 2006
by Julian Peck (not verified)

Cyclaire Bike Pumps and Air-bed Inflators

Hi Tim, thanks for your blog about Cyclaire. It’s been like a dream since I won and we’re very busy with media stuff here in the UK. But we still have very little distribution in the States, where our bike pumps should sell for US$30-35 and our air-bed inflators for around $15. The Cyclaire Rapid is the fastest mini-pump in the world and the Cyclaire Inflator can fill a full-sized air-bed in under a minute. Who should be distributing these for us in the States?

Julian Peck
Inventor of Cyclaire
Winner of The Big Idea

Nov 30, 2006
by Chris Brindle

Cyclaire & Sea Hammock at Pool & Spa Expo Las Vegas

I met Julian Peck at "The Big Idea" in London and he's given me a box of Cyclaire Inflators and Cycle Pumps to show off here in Las Vegas at the Pool & Spa Expo which ends on Friday 1st December.

My British ideas company is and you can find me on Booth 4114. I've come to exhibit "Sea-Hammock" which won the prestigious Best New Product award at the gigantic European swimming pool exhibition Piscine 2006 held two weeks ago in Lyon France. Sea-Hammock is also entered in the New Product Competition in Vegas.

Sea Hammock is a self-adjusting lounger you can take into the water at the beach or at the pool. Unlike totally floating swimming pool chairs this supports your body fully in the water. Lie on your front or back, or sit up as desired. You'll see this featured on the Show Special on HGTV soon.

My other inventions on display are Pleasure Dome, which is an spa or small pool enclosure system based on inflatable polyurethane tubes (the production of which is a world first) and Clip-It-On insulation clips which make it easy for you to insulate the side walls of an above ground pool.

Chris Brindle

Nov 30, 2006
by Michelle
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Hi Guys: Thanks for visiting

Hi Guys:

Thanks for visiting us on our site. I personally don't knoe much about distributions companies in the states for these types of products but perhaps some reader may.

As you do find out this information, we'd appreciate your sharing it with us. We are in the process of creating a section for inventor resources.

This is exactly the type of information wwe will try to build over time for the benefit of everyone in the community.


Michelle Team