Cute Animals are in the Bag

Our Guest Blogger, Mia Levine, was a web content writer and creative talent with over ten years experience within the high tech industry. Two children later, her focus has changed. She now spends her time finding new and innovative products that are fascinating and fun to both parents and kids. She likes products that are natural, environmentally friendly, and toxic-free.

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As I sit down at my computer to write this article, two plastic orange eyes stare up at me vacantly. The eyes belong to Steve, one of my daughter's stuffed kittens. Actually, there are six kittens whose home is a pink, plaid, cloth condo. Unfortunately for me, these kitties never get to relax in their residence. The condo lay dejected next to the couch, crushed under a stroller wheel. The kittens, along with a pig, chicken, cow, bunny, sheep, and a countless assortment of bears inhabit, er, litter my floor, no matter how often I ask, order, or beg my kids to put them away.

Hooray for Boon, Inc. who has created a fun and practical way to corral these wonderful creatures together and give them something to do. It's called the Animal Bag, a stuffed animal storage and soft seat. The Animal Bag is an oversized, plush bag that's covered with large, zippered windows made out of transparent, durable mesh so you can see and access what's inside. Kids (or adults, if you're having one of those days) can fill the bag with stuffed animals of all sizes, and then use the Animal Bag as a seat. It's a fantastic way to organize all those stuffies and at the same time build a cozy chair or place to lounge around.

The Animal Bag comes in a variety of fun, colorful fabrics, shapes, and sizes including the Oval , the Otto, and the Trio.

Wait, it gets better. The Animal Bag is completely washable and ten percent of all Boon Inc.'s profits go to helping underprivileged children. If that's not politically correct enough for you, the Animal Bag is also earth-friendly because - unlike most beanbag chairs - it does not require any foam fillers.

The company just started shipping this hot item in early December. To order yours, go to Boon's website.

We expect UPS to deliver our own Animal Bag any day. As for Steve, he'll soon be able to unwind with his five siblings and the rest of his furry pals inside their swanky, new digs. Okay, let's be accurate, here. I can see poor Steve now, crammed together with the rest of his pals, his empty, glassy gaze, his splintered whiskers crushed against the mesh window. As my mother used to say, "Into each life some rain must fall."

Mia Levine
Guest Blogger