Anti-Smoking Mat Direct Mail Campaign - Inventive Marketing

As we all know, quitting smoking is hard because nicotine is so addictive. Along with this, we have also learned that anti-smoking advertising campaigns can be very difficult to ignore because of the vast creativity. Take for example, this direct mail piece.

This easy to roll up and mail anti-smoking doormat was sent to select homes in a cylindrical package that read "Be part of our anti-smoking campaign". Inside the package was a doormat with clean lungs printed on it and a small no smoking sign.

This stop smoking promotion doormat uses the dirt from your shoes that you wipe on the mat to show you what a smoker's lungs look like.







Once opening the package, it was hoped that the residents would put the mats on their front porches and become the medium for the anti-smoking message.

According to Direct Daily , these were produced for the Al Sawy Cultural Centre in Cairo.

Agency: JWT Cairo, Egypt.

Source: Direct Daily

Amy Gifford
Featured Blogger