Anti-Theft iPod Case Preserves Forbidden Fruit

The sad truth is, iPods are tempting targets for both casual and professional thieves. They're relatively expansive and easily concealed - the iPods, not the thieves. It's just one more case of a product's greatest strength being its most glaring weakness. Even though iPod owners seemingly wear them everywhere, sooner or later they're going to leave it on a desk, table or beside the washroom sink. Before you can say "hey, what th...", they're history.

Audiocubes knows a thing or two about personal audio, and it's to their credit that the Elecom AVD-WLCA5G Anti-Theft iPod Case is now available online at their website. The case is light, at just 3.5 ounces, yet utilizes a flexible steel cable and a combination lock to keep your personal player safe, secure and solidly attached to where you want it to be. The stylish case is formed from hardened ABS plastic and the screen is visible through a scratch-proof "screen gel", whatever that is. The case features flexible cushions that adjust to fit your 30, 60 or 80 GB 5th-generation iPod and comes in your choice of Piano White or Black. The helpful folks at Compact Impact would just like to point out that, and I quote, "*iPod not included". See, it pays to read the fine print!

The Elecom AVD-WLCA5G Anti-Theft iPod Case is available from AudioCubes for $49.00 plus shipping payable by major credit cards or PayPal. Shipping charges may vary.

Steve Levenstein
Japanese Innovations Writer