Are You A Barbie Girl? Adult Cosmetics For Barbie Lovers


Alright Barbie fanatics, is there a Barbie doll in you? What would you do to let your inner Barbie out? No need for extremes. Going under the knife like Cindy Jackson won't be necessary! There is an easier and cheaper way to achieve that doll-like look you've been dreaming of for years. I'm not just talking about the 2005 Barbie Luxe line of clothes and accessories for women, but the new Barbie Cosmetics line which hit the market, just in time for spring, this year, thanks to MAC Cosmetics and Mattel.


Mac Cosmetics and Mattel have come together and created the Barbie Cosmetic line called "Barbie Loves MAC" released last month on Valentines Day and will launch worldwide this March. The collection includes very bright plasticized colors in pinks, buttercup yellows and girlish greens in pink-on-black packaging for lips, cheeks, eyes, skin and nails. See beauty report here.

A few of items included are:
Classic M•A•C casing with pink Barbie ponytail logo US$14.00.
Classic Lipglass see-through vial with pink Barbie pony tail logo US$14.00.
Classic eye shadow black casing with a Barbie pony tail logo debossed onto the product. Moth Brown and Playful will be available for shipment early April. US$14.00.
Classic blush black casing with a Barbie pony tail logo debossed onto the product. US$17.50.

You can also collect the Mac Barbie doll, the tote bag, the Barbie blouse and what seems to be a makeup bag. So go for it! Unleash the Barbie in you and be a real Barbie girl like you've always dreamed of. Enjoy watching others demonstrate here.

(UPDATE: This cosmetics line is no longer available.) 

Mar 16, 2007
by Michelle
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I guess Barbie cosmetics is

I guess Barbie cosmetics is better than the Brbie surgeries some of those women get. I just saw a tv show where a lady was trying to be an exact replica of Barbie.


Mar 17, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)


It is only fair that Ken also get his accessories.  Maybe some toupees and colored/scented condoms. 

Mar 3, 2008
by Anonymous


oh la la . you are hot.

Jan 15, 2009
by Anonymous


Yes your right Ken ! Ken does need somebody to give him something i mean barbie gets her own car as showen On Tv and Ken gets NO! car barbie gets make-up ken NO! makeup barbies billions of outfits clothes and more with can NOTHING! So!?!? what do we do about it? I';m here! Isabella the give-away girl will be giving away a rare barbie ADN ken doll! [Car also coems with barbie car has little chip on window very small bout 1 inch] And what's new is That Ken has OVER ! 10 clothes! barbies has OVER ! 10 as well to make it fair. Now Ken comes in sizes clothes and things so why is this one so great people ask me? Well! thats easy this ONE AND ONLY KEN DOLL comes with a hair do-a a hair do-a is a little hair stylest thing you put on the hair and twist the button and choose the hair style you can cut it or make it long and this was from 19901 [Long long time ago am i right?!] so ! you can but this and this tool works on barbie too this coems witht he free pink car i told you about ! and is ONLY with the new years cheep off ITS ALL FREE I TELL YOU! just call right now and if you pay $1.00 we will give you a free NEW barbie home purple roof with a nice gate nothing the matter with it! PLUS some make -up with KEN on it Enjoy little girls [Oh and theres a barbie doll Shes Homey barbie and the Ken doll is homey ken! ] :) Barbie also comes with do hair do's in a little book that barbie and ken can hold and YOU can read !!!!