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It's not every day you visit an art gallery only to find the exhibition is visible only through the lens of a microscope.

"Painstakingly fashioned from gold, specs of dust, precious gems, droplets of glue and paint along with numerous other materials including eyelashes and spiders webbing, each artwork is living proof of the power of belief."

Cat Climbing a Human HairCat Climbing a Human Hair










Willard Wigan creates what his website calls the world's smallest and most wonderous works of art. His site calls him a micro sculptor. I call him a magician.

Thinker on the Head of a PinThinker on the Head of a Pin









His website explains that Willard Wigan was born in Birmingham, England in 1957 and is the creator of the smallest works of art on earth. From being a traumatised and unrecognised dyslexic child, he is now emerging as the most globally celebrated micro-miniaturist of all time and is literally capable of turning a spec of dust into a vision of true beauty.

Golfer on Head of a PinGolfer on Head of a Pin











BBCrecently interviewed the artist. In this interview, Willard explains that his inspiration came from his childhood obsession. "He says, "Call me eccentric, I suppose, but when I was little I had a fascination for ants so I set about making houses for them. I got obsessed with miniature things."...

He says it takes approximately one to two months working in total solitude at his studio in Jersey to complete an individual piece.

"The stillness of it is very important - you have to control the whole nervous system, you have to work between the heartbeat - the pulse of your finger can destroy the work," explains Willard."

Owl Inside Eye of NeedleOwl Inside Eye of Needle













Thanks to , a new entertainment site that started last week for the heads up and to for highlighting the artist.

Jul 5, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)


If he is the same guy who played with rats, they were quite large and scary.

Interesting and clever art, but, unfortunately, it can NEVER be a BIG attraction.

Jul 5, 2006
by F-L (not verified)

A Different Perception

(1) Cat Climbing on a Human Hair:
--This is a hair on its way to becoming a furball, which is known today as the "Pet Now Virus". While the virus itself is not deadly, a person may nonetheless try to dye the hair to make it look better.
--The feline pictured, Claud-Harry, is an alley acrocat who is almost at the height of his career.

(2) Thinker on the Head of a Pin:
--This is a Man-Made Boulder Movement. The man is thinking about how pleased his wife will be when she sees that he finally listened to her and remembered to leave the lid down.

(3) Golfer on Head of a Pin:
--This is a teed off newlywed who isn't feeling up to par. He needs to iron things out since he is starting to feel pinned down by his marriage. He wants to be a swinger and is still trying to make the necessary links, but his wife is green with envy and is insisting that he be monogamous--i.e., he only gets a hole in one female.

(4) Owl Inside Eye of Needle:
--OWLCH!!!!! This is SEW dangerous--you should never needle an owl because you'll get your eye scratched by its talons. Besides, this is also confusing to the owl. S/he has keen eyesight and could find a needle in a haystack--but not when s/he is IN the needle.

Jul 10, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Owl Inside the Needle

That's the wise but fowlish owl who went under the needle in an attempt to have "eye" surgery to correct his poor vision. Unfortunately, he wasn't knOWLedgeable about lasers so now his friends think he is a big prick.

Nov 1, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Willard Wigan film

I went a looking for Mr Willard Wigan and found some footage of him on a site in Britain - OOM Gallery. in the film called an (eye on X) Willard is seen talking about his sculpting process..only thing he's cutting into a toothpick and carving out Malcolm X..for real. The film is made by Pogus Caesar a well accomplished producer, director and photographer.

(Seeing is believing in the film clip(not very lengthy but well worth a look)