007 Style Zippo Offers More Than Just A Light

I'm sitting here staring at the computer trying to remember if, after 23 theatrical outings, James Bond ever had a way-cool spy lighter.  I'm a huge James Bond fan, so I'm kicking myself for not remembering.  Given the prevailing attitudes toward smoking these days, if he did, it would have been in one of the earlier films...

Regardless... If 007 carried around a lighter now, it would be this:

Pretty spiffy, eh?  You can picture it looking cool as you flick it open to light an expensive imported spy cigarette.  The flame would go up all movie cool, like this:

Of course, that was a little Bic lighter, but you get the idea.

Then, after you take a drag from your smoke, you casually place the lighter on a table, aim it at your target and start recording video and audio.

Yep.  This little sucker is a surveillance device.

Yeah, I know.  Same thing as above, only made to look like a drawing.  It was all I could find...Yeah, I know. Same thing as above, only made to look like a drawing. It was all I could find...

It records at 30 FPS in .avi format (640x480) - in color.  The internal microphone gathers high quality digital sound.  While there is no onboard memory, there is a slight for a micro SD card (from 128MB to 8GB).  It will continuously record until the user turns it off or the memory card is full.

Playback on a cell phone or PC can be accomplished with a USB cable.  This same cable recharges the Lithium-ion battery.

Plus it just plain looks cool.

You can get your very own Zippo Style Digital Cigarette Lighter Camera at Spy Gadgets or Amazon.
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Sep 25, 2009
by Anonymous


Test this when ACORN reopens again?
Or for other Covert uses.
Give sample to use in next 007 movie?
SyFy movie.
Id give the camera a 180 arc sweep.
& hide the lighter from view to record.