A-1 Kutz: Controversial Barbershop Delivers Unique Discipline To Troubled Children

Barbers tend to approach life with creativity, and often their shops also offer a sense of community to those patrons that find themselves in their chairs. So it's not a stretch that one neighborhood barbershop would combine these two things to offer a unique service that no one before them ever has. It's controversial, and this is one polarizing concept you're going to really love, or really hate. 

The barber behind A-1 Kutz in Georgia has been offering standard haircuts and designs for quite some time. But recently, after struggling to discipline his own child successfully when nothing motivated him to get his grades up, he decided to take pretty extreme measures.

Rather than giving his kid a regular haircut, he decided to try a style that's not new, it's just rarely seen on the heads of people under the age of 20. He shaved part of his child's head to make him resemble a balding middle-aged or senior man. He considered this a form of discipline that would help his child rethink hs actions and really place more focus on his education.

After he realized that this was a successful approach he decided to make it a part of his business plan so that other parents could benefit as well. Co-owner and barber Russell Frederick has coined the cut the "Benjamin Button Special", and it's offered three days a week. 

Other children have received the cut as well, although one parent has already requested that her child's humiliating hair style be reversed, still admitting that the approach demonstrated results.

Naturally, this business is getting a lot of media attention, and not just because it's unique - but because the concept is likely to elicit strong feelings from the public, something that's proving to be true. 

No word on how much this unique cut costs, but the Buzzfeed poll seems to indicate that more people are for this business and its unusual service than against it. 

 Via: Buzzfeed, Facebook