1 Voice Audio Beanie Lets You Rock Out To Your Favorite Beats While Staying Warm

 1 Voice Audio Beanie Lets You Rock Out While Keeping Your Head Warm: 1 Voice image via 1 Voice Facebook1 Voice Audio Beanie Lets You Rock Out While Keeping Your Head Warm: 1 Voice image via 1 Voice Facebook


Audio wear is now a fashion statement and serves as a functional accessory for keeping your head warm — if you rock and roll with 1 Voice. They’re the makers of the Bluetooth accessible beanies everybody’s wearing now for staying warm and tuning in to their favorite beats. Well, some people are wearing them purely for the beats and the trend of wearing knit beanies (think “Mr. Belieber”) no matter what time of year it is or how hot it is outside, but the hats can keep your head warm if you need them to.




1 Voice Wearable Merchandise

And it isn’t just beanies the company sells for tech wearables. They also hawk headbands, sunglasses and sleep headphones with a light-blocking eye mask that allow you to sync up and tune in. The hats and headbands look just like ordinary knitwear you’d pick up anywhere, but they contain built-in audio speakers for use with all of your Bluetooth compatible devices. The same goes with the sunglasses, only they’ve got little earbuds dangling off the arms. The sleep set is super plush and comfortable looking so as not to interfere with getting your zzzs.

1 Voice FYL Bags

For the latest in bags, totes and backpacks, 1 Voice has got a cool assortment to choose from for either getting away from it all or just carting your stuff around. Their messenger bags would be great for work and school. Regardless of which you choose, all of the bags feature battery packs. So, not only can you comfortably fit in a few days’ worth of your clothing or gear, but the bags also come with an 11,000mAh lithium-ion built-in battery.
That means there’s no need to bring along a bunch of extra charging cables, because the battery will keep your tablet, phone and other mobile devices charged all weekend long.




Lifestyle Flexibility

Being able to use all of these accessories with your various Bluetooth enabled devices makes it possible for a lot of flexibility to be going on in your life. For instance, the hats, bands and sunglasses would all work well with physical activities such as jogging, skateboarding, snowboarding, biking, skiing or anything else where hands-free functioning is essential. With 1 Voice, all you have to do is put them on and hit the ground running at whatever your passion is with 6 - 8 hours of continuous playtime.

Bluetooth Devices

The cool thing about Bluetooth is you can pull up anything you want to listen to, not just music. You can listen to audio books, seminars and tutorials on the go. The same goes with the sleep sets. Not everyone drifts off to music at night. A lot of people prefer the soothing noises associated with sound spas like rainfall or crickets chirping. Or maybe you want to learn a language or catch up on a favorite read at the end of the day without contributing to your already throbbing eyestrain from staring at computer screens all day long. Whatever the case, 1 Voice has got you covered.


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