10 Timeless Backpack Favorites Your Kids Will Love


The first day of school is fast approaching. Some of you may be rejoicing while some of you may be in denial that another summer is flying by. Either way, soon we’ll all be gearing up for back to school. And while technology has changed the tools our kids use to learn, some things will never change. Like the excitement and nerves of another new school year, new clothes, and new sneakers. And backpacks. From Wonder Woman to Star Wars, the stuff we loved as kids is as popular as ever with our own children. You’ll be reliving your first day of school as you watch your kids head out with these timeless backpack favorites. Smile through the tears, parents, your kids will do just fine. 

1. DC Comics Wonder Woman Backpack

Who doesn’t want to go to school with the confidence of a superhero? Send them to school with this Wonder Woman backpack. Those cuffs are still fabulous.

2. Star Wars R2D2 On Patrol Backpack With Lights And Sounds Effects

May the force of this backpack be with you and your kids.

3. Marvel Comics Retro Backpack

Have a kid who loves all of the superheroes? Snag this four compartment multi-character comic book backpack or messenger bag.

4. Hello Kitty Backpack


This cat is going strong at 40 years old. And keeping up with the times. Hello Kitty has 3D ears and a sequin bow. Meow!

5. Power Rangers Backpack

My brother loved these guys and had a Power Rangers backpack when he was a kid. I never understood the lure and still don’t. Your kids do.

6. My Little Pony Sequins Rainbow Backpack

Friendship is forever. Until it's not. BFFs and bronies will unite with this backpack.

7. Star Wars Mandalorian Backpack

How can I pick just one Star Wars backpack? Get your Storm Trooper ready for school with this one

8. Transformers Bumble Bee Backpack

I miss the old school version of Bumble Bee, but kids these days with their graphics…

9. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Backpack With Weapons and Masks

Your kid will feel pretty badass with this, but the weapons should stay home.

10. Disney Frozen Elsa And Anna Backpack

If it’s not Cinderella, Ariel, or Rapunzel, Disney will be sure your kids have to have the latest princess backpack. Not the first time in forever Disney has figured this one out.

Get those cameras ready. I can see more than a few #tbt photos of you wearing the same childhood backpack your kid slipped on as they climbed onto the bus for the first day of school. And let me know what I missed! What does your kid love that you loved as a kid?

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