10+ Seriously Amazing Baby Items You Should Know About

New parents have to pick up a lot of baby essentials. Onesies, a stroller, a crib, diapers, bottles - it’s all part of the package. Once they have the basics together they’re typically too overwhelmed to look at anything else. There are some clever extra products, however, that can really make the adjustment to new parenthood easier. If someone in your life is having a new baby and you’re looking for a particularly unique and handy gift to give, there are an overwhelming wide variety of options. In fact. there are many choices that narrowing it down can be a challenge. Here, we’ve sifted through the baby extras to provide a list of some of the coolest, less well-known but best-reviewed baby and parenting gear available.

1. Baby Shusher

This product may sound amusing, but there is some real research behind it. The Baby Shusher soothes cranky babies by emitting a rhythmic shushing sound. Created by Dr. Harvey Karp, author of “Happiest Baby On The Block”, the Baby Shusher is made to mimic the calming sounds of being inside the womb. The device is small and portable and can be set to run for 15 or 30 minutes at a time.



2. Diaper Dude

As all new parents quickly realize, going out with a baby in tow requires a lot of accessories. This is where diaper bags come in. They carry all the baby must-haves while out and about. Unfortunately, they are often covered in flowers and bunnies and come in soft, not so Dad-friendly hues. The Diaper Dude is a sleek, messenger-style diaper bag made with Dad style in mind. Many moms will appreciate the unfussy design too.



3. Kiinde Twist

Breastfeeding moms know that being able to pump, store, save and then feed milk is incredibly important and can also be quite a time consuming process. To help simplify the system, the people at Kiinde have created Twist Pouches. These versatile pouches can be used for the entire process from pumping to feeding. They are also super convenient to store.



4. Banz

Babies love to rock out, but their ultra sensitive new ears don’t  fare so well in high volume conditions. There is a solution, however. Banz are hearing protection earmuffs made especially for kids aged 0-2 (there are other sizes for older kids too). With a category 4 rating, these muffs will protect little ears in some very noisy conditions. They are also very lightweight and super comfortable.



5. Baby Brezza

Dealing with new parent fatigue can be a challenge, especially when it comes to nighttime feeds. Parents of bottle fed babies have it especially tough as they have to measure and mix formula on little to no sleep. The Baby Brezza allows exhausted parents to coast through nighttime feeds while barely cracking an eye. The device measures, mixes and warms formula before pouring it into an awaiting bottle, and it does so with just a push of a button. Even better, the formula is air bubble free.



6. Ecotones

Sometimes creating a calm, soothing environment for baby to fall asleep in is nearly impossible. Traffic sounds, siblings running around and screaming and other such noises can really throw a kink in nap time plans. The Ecotones machine emits natural sounds scientifically proven to bolster relaxation and enhance sleep. Unlike other white noise machines, this device adjusts its blocking sounds based on the noise going on around it. It can be played continuously or set to shut off after a certain amount of time.



7. Innovo Forehead Thermometer

Sick babies are not the most cooperative little folks. So when you have to take their temperature things can get out of hand quickly. With the Innovo Forehead and Ear Thermometer, the process is a lot easier. Parents can choose to take temperature on the forehead or in the ear, whichever their child is most comfortable with. Results are quick and accurate.



8. Medela Swing

Breastfeeding moms often have to pump milk in order maintain their baby’s feeding routine amidst hectic day-to-day activities. Unfortunately, breast pumps are usually expensive, don’t work well or aren’t overly portable. The Medela Swing is a quality pump at a reasonable price. It’s also compact and light and uses Medela’s exclusive technology that mimics real nursing patterns so that moms can pump more efficiently.



9. Lotus Travel Crib

When you’re a baby, anytime can be naptime. The Lotus Travel Crib is an incredibly convenient and comfortable sleep space for babies on the go. This lightweight crib folds down and packs into the included bag, which also acts as a backpack. Setup is easy and can be done in just 15 seconds.



10. Leachco Cuddle U Pillow

The Leachco Cuddle U Pillow is totally multipurpose. It acts as a breastfeeding pillow, but has an adjustable strap to cuddle and hold little babies secure. Bigger babies who need a bit of support while sitting can have the Cuddle U pillow tucked around them. The pillow also makes a comfy tummy time prop.



Honorable Mention:

11. Milk Screen

While it hasn’t yet had a chance to accumulate as many ratings as the other items on the list, Milk Screen is well on its way to being an Amazon favorite. This clever product allows breastfeeding moms to test alcohol levels in their milk. This gives moms the opportunity to have a drink now and then and then check to be sure that their milk is safe for baby before resuming breastfeeding.

So any of these baby items look like a great buy? Have you or someone you know tried any of these products? Please share your thoughts and experiences.

Originally published September 2015 and updated February 2016.


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