10 Fun Kitchen Gadgets for Horror Lovers That Are To Die For

If you’re a lover of Halloween, scary movies, and all things freaky, gory, and bizarre, check out these 10 must have kitchen gadgets for horror lovers.

These products are a scream.  Read on...if you dare.

1. Gun Condiment Dispenser

Gun Condiment DispenserGun Condiment Dispenser
Load your menu items up with condiments, literally, with this condiment gun.  It’s not likely your guests have ever seen their mustard or ketchup served this way.  

2. Bloody Splash Spoon Rest

Bloody Splash Spoon RestBloody Splash Spoon Rest
This unique spoon rest made by Splash gives you a neat place to put your dirty work.  It’s bloody brilliant.

3. Bloody Cutting Board

Bloody Splash Cutting BoardBloody Splash Cutting Board
Also made by Splash is this cutting board.  This product puts a new spin on a kitchen staple with its clever design.  The drips that look to be spilling over the edge of the counter can be taken off to allow for a completely flat surface when not used on an edge, and allows for extra stability when used with.

4. Crime Scene Silicon Hot Rack

Crime Scene Silicon Hot RackCrime Scene Silicon Hot Rack
This little guy adds a lot of practicality to your collection of kitchen gadgets while also giving you something to chuckle over.  Made out of silicon, this crime scene shaped hot rack proves there’s life after death.

5. The Ex – Knife set and holder

The Ex - Knife set and holderThe Ex - Knife set and holder
This quality set of knives comes complete with a body.  Your ex’s, that is.

6. Ninja Dagger Knife Fridge Magnets

Ninja Dagger Knife MagnetsNinja Dagger Knife Magnets
There’s just something about ninjas that appeals to almost everyone.  This set of ninja dagger knife magnets have a playful design to make them appear to be stuck inside whatever surface they’re on.

7. “Help me” Drowning Sink Stopper

"Help me" Drowning Sink Stoppers"Help me" Drowning Sink Stoppers
Why not have a little fun while you’re doing one of the most dreaded chores there is – washing dishes.  These colorful sink stoppers display a tiny arm that seems to scream “Help me”.

8. Splat Stan Coaster

Splat Stan CoasterSplat Stan Coaster
How many boring sets of coasters have you seen?  With this Splat Stan Coaster, you can protect your furniture from damage by damaging poor Stan instead.

9. Bug Ziplock Bag

Bug Ziplock BagsBug Ziplock Bags
This bag is sure to cause some horror movie quality screams.  Decorated with a (too) realistic bug design, you can watch friends and family squirm (at least 24 times) with this 24 count set of bug ziplock bags.

10. Sharp Act Knife Sharpener

Sharp Act Knife SharpenerSharp Act Knife Sharpener
The famous “sawn in half” act.  Get the satisfaction of this magic show favorite in the comfort of your own kitchen each time you sharpen your knives with this Sharp Act Knife Sharpener.

And there you have it, 10 gross and gory must have kitchen gadgets.  Aren't they to die for?

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