10 Funny And Useful Father's Day Gifts


There are no neckties in this gift list.  Not even funny ones.  But there are some other fun items that will make your dad chuckle, and that he'll likely use at least sometime between now and next Father's Day and maybe even longer.  Here are 10 fun Father's Day gifts for new dads, old dads, geek dads, golfer dads, foodie dads, and even single dads....


1. New Dad Diaper Survival Kit


Daddy Do-It-Yourself Diaper Survival KitDaddy Do-It-Yourself Diaper Survival Kit


Here's a memorable gift that really will help the new dad get used to the fact that diapers stink!  Complete with rubber gloves, eye protectors, nose clips, and forceps, the Dirty Diaper Survival Kit will insure the new dad that he won't have to smell it, touch it, or get pee in his eyes!


2.  Golfer Dad Total Vision Potty Golfing Kit


Total Vision Potty Golfing KitTotal Vision Potty Golfing Kit


Dads can work on their putting shots in the privacy of their bathrooms, where concentration may be uninterupted by their family members... because the Potty Golfing Kit even includes a door hanger that says "Do Not Disturb, Game In Progress."  It's a gag gift, yes, but it really can help his golf game. 


3.   Boomer Dad Senior Moments Memory Workout


Senior Moments Memory WorkoutSenior Moments Memory Workout


Did you know there is such a thing as a 'momentologist?' Well, The Senior Moments Memory Workout is written by momentologist Tom Friedman, who has compiled some great puzzles, quizzes, and tips to improve one's memory and you don't even have to be a boomer or senior to benefit from its challenges.  


4. Single Dad Tank Top


 My Dad Is A Study dog t-shirtMy Dad Is A Study dog t-shirt


Well, you didn't expect your dad to wear a shirt advertising his studliness, did you?  What more perfect, playful dad-ad than this cute My Dad Is A Stud dog tank top, available in several sizes....


5. Stylish Tech Dad Money Clip


8 GB Money Clip8 GB Money Clip


What?  How many money clips have you seen with 8 gigabytes of memory?  Now if it would only Count De Money.  This stainless steel Flash Drive Money Clip might set you back a few pennies, but Dad will love you for it, especially if you include a few selfies on it!


6.  Foodie Dad Star Wars Light Up Chopstick Sabers


Star Wars Light Up Chop Stick SabersStar Wars Light Up Chop Stick Sabers


Foodie dads will love these Star Wars Saber Light Up Chopsticks. They light up when you press them and are guaranteed to delight even dads who can't use chopsticks to save themselves (maybe they'll learn).  The Star Wars Sabers are available in light-up red (Darth Vader) and light-up blue (Luke Skywalker).


7. Techie Star Wars Dad R2-D2 USB Car Charger


R2-D2 USB Car ChargerR2-D2 USB Car Charger


While we're on Star Wars products, let's move smoothly over to the R2-D2 DOUBLE USB Car Charger.  As the name suggests, it charges up to two devices at once, and it even talks (R2-D2, of course.) Can't you just see your Dad talking to it?



 8.  New Dad & Baby Matching T-Shirts


New Dad & Baby Matching T-ShirtsNew Dad & Baby Matching T-Shirts


No pride here... Dad's t-shirt just states the obvious and baby's there to prove it. The I Make Adorable Babies T-Shirt With Matching Adorable Baby T-Shirts are sized separately, just in case you have a small Dad and a large baby!


9. Grandpa's Special Day T-Shirt 


I Pooped Today T-ShirtI Pooped Today T-Shirt


There's nothing like an older folk being obsessed with his bowel movements. Let Grandpa celebrate every day he poops in this handmade, cotton, made-to-order I Pooped Today! t-shirt from Balooney's at Etsy.com.


10. 19th Hole Golfer Dad


The Drink Dispensing Driver: iThe Drink Dispensing Driver: i


A driver like no other.  This one's sure to hit someone or something on the greens with up to 52 ounces of cold Dad's choice.  Why wait for the 19th hole when you can enjoy all 18?  The Drink Dispensing Driver is available at Hammacher Schlemmer with its usual life-time guarantee. 

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Have fun with your Dads and Grandpas on Father's Day!


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