10 Innovative Holiday Gift Ideas For Car-Loving Guys From Their Guy-Lovin' Gals

Guys who love cars are often the hardest people to buy gifts for – if it's car-related and they like it, they've probably already bought it for themselves.

That's why our first annual Gal's Gift Guide For Car-Loving Guys is an indispensable holiday season resource, and since you're already seasonally stressed out we've whittled our gift suggestions down to a manageable top ten.

10) GoPro's HD Motorsports HERO4 Camera

The HD Motorsports HERO4 from GoPro is the world's highest performance 4K30, 2.7K50 and 1080p120 on-board HD video and still photo camera. Attach one to your vehicle with a GoPro quick-release mount and those memorable morning drives just got much more so. (new automotive gift idea image via The Gentleman Racer.com)

9) Little Trees Air Freshener

Car-Freshner's “Little Trees” disposable air fresheners have been affordably scenting cars and trucks since 1952 but their olfactory variety continues to expand exponentially as time goes by. Surely there's a Little Tree out there that's a perfect match for that special car-lovin' guy on your holiday gift list. (new automotive gift idea image via Amazon.com)

8) Head Gasket iPhone Case & Spark Plug Earbuds

The Head Gasket brushed aluminum iPhone case is the ideal gift choice for the social media-savvy gearhead. Lined with suede and available in a half-dozen heavy metal hues, the Head Gasket iPhone Case makes an even greater gift when matched with a set of Spark Plug earbuds. (new automotive gift idea image via Hooniverse)

7) Lovin' Mechanic T-shirt

This handmade cotton t-shirt allows car-lovers to express their love in multiple ways. Select from a huge range of color choices and select from a wide range of sizes from Youth XS up to Men's 6XL... and that includes Ladies sizes, because that's just how we roll in 21st century 'Murica. (new automotive gift idea image via UnicornTees)

6) Automotive Art Prints by Tim Layzell

Tim Layzell won the British Racing Drivers Club's prestigious Young Motoring Artist Award when he was just 13 years old! Two decades later, Layzell is widely regarded as one of the world's leading motoring artists. An individually signed and numbered Layzell art print ordered online makes a gift worthy of the living room or the garage. (new automotive gift idea image via TimLayzell.com)

5) Vintage Car and Truck Hood Furniture

Joel Hester of Dallas-based Weld House scrounges the scrap yards of Texas, seeking out car & truck hoods suitable for reincarnation into desks, coffee tables, storage cabinets and more. If the prospective slabs of sheet metal happen to be discolored, sun-faded, custom-painted or all of the above, so much the better. That's what you call “character” and that's the whole point. (new automotive gift idea image via Dornob)

4) Muscle Car Bookends

Yeah, we know books are losing the media battle to virtual information but any decent car-lover realizes the true value of original automotive literature, shop manuals and the like. These gnarly Car Book Ends combine the timeless allure of a classic red muscle car with the gritty texture of non-slip embossed sheet metal. (new automotive gift idea image via SendSational Gifts

3) Oliveti Stainless Steel Combination Wrench Ring

All the single (and non-single) ladies, put a ring on it! This mens stainless steel ring depicts a miniature combination wrench with one open end and one box end. Crafted from stainless steel, this stylish 5-mm band ring weighs 10.2 grams and gleams with a highly polished finish. (new automotive gift idea image via Amazon.com)

2) R2-D2 USB Car Charger

Chances are your car-lovin' guy's also a Star Wars geek so why not kill two birds with one stone and gift him the R2-D2 USB Car Charger? It whistles, it beeps, it's officially licensed and when plugged into a vehicle cigarette lighter adapter its two USB charging ports can charge 2 tablets simultaneously. This IS the droid he's been looking for. (new automotive gift idea image via ThinkGeek and Amazon.com

1) Personalized Pin-up Photo Shoot

Annoyed by those racy pin-up calendars your S-O hangs in his garage? As the old saying goes, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em! Warwick Boudoir Photography offers personalized pin-up photo shoots that'll put you where his hotrod is – and we mean that in a good way. (new automotive gift idea images above and at top via Warwick Boudoir Photography)

10 Innovative Holiday Gift Ideas For Car-Loving Guys From Their Guy-Lovin' Gals10 Innovative Holiday Gift Ideas For Car-Loving Guys From Their Guy-Lovin' Gals

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