10 Perfect Gifts For Tweens

That middle ground between being a little kid and a teenager can be hard. Your tween child is trying to find his or her independence while still wanting and needing to hold onto the comforts of being taken care of. Hormones are starting to kick in, friendships are getting trickier, and school is getting tougher. Blah. Even their interests are fluctuating, which means buying gifts for the tween in your life can be hard too. It doesn’t have to be. Here are 10 perfect gifts that will make your tween very happy.

 1. Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty

Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty, Super Magnetic Strange Attractor is the #1 Best Seller on Amazon for Slime and Putty toys. I’m not surprised. This magnetic putty is infused with mini iron filings and comes with a cubed ferrite magnet. Bend it, shape it, tear it and make it come alive with a magnet. Chose from several color options. This putty is perfect for downtime or study time.

2. Bounce-Off Game

The Bounce-Off Game will bring game night to a new level of fun. It can be played with two to four players and the goal is to recreate patterns found on the challenge cards by bouncing blue or yellow balls into the grid. You can play by taking turns or at a more frenzied pace with everyone playing at once. The first person or team to complete three patterns wins. This game is addicting for tweens, teens, college students and adults.

3. Perplexus Epic

Perplexus Epic is the epic follow-up to the original Perplexus puzzle. This new version of the 3-D brain teaser has 125 barriers for you to twist and turn your way through. The goal is to get the steel ball through the maze as you defy gravity and test your sanity. Perplexus Epic will improve eye-hand coordination and spatial awareness. It’s perfect for travel and a great alternative to screen time.

4. Lite Brix

Made by Cra-Z-Art, Lite Brix offer a variety of building kits to satisfy any tween’s interest. From Space Troopers and race cars to the mall and candy shops, Lite Brix offer a new and exciting way for your bigger kid to construct with building blocks.

Much like Light Stax, Lite Brix use LED technology to light up your creation, but Lite Brix are made for older kids and more patient fingers.

5. Yo Baby Kick Flipper

Yo Baby Kick Flipper lets your child learn and practice any type of boarding sport, inside or out. Surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding can happen anytime and anywhere with a Kick Flipper. A Boarding Basics DVD is included that teaches your child moves they see the pros do on television. Yo Baby Kick Flipper will build your tweens confidence and coordination.

6. Make Your Case

Make Your Case lets you design and create your own iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phone cases and iPod case. The kit comes with four already made cases that can be decorated and enough silicone “goop” to make two more cases from scratch.

It also comes with designer paper and decorative stickers to let your tween showcase their style.

7. Duct Tape Party

The DIY, Wearable Duct Tape Party from Alex Toys is another way to let your tween express herself in a fun and creative way. With 12 rolls of duct tape and endless possibilities, bracelets, belts and necklaces are just a few things that your child can make.

8. Laser Maze Logic Game

Laser Maze Logic Game is a blend of science and logic. If your tween likes strategy and a challenge, they’ll love this game. Lazer Maze is a single player brain teaser which uses a real laser beam, mirrors, and beam splitters to get light from point A to point B. The 60 challenge cards included go from beginner to expert, instructing you on where to place game pieces on the grid. But depending on the challenge level, it will be up to you to figure out how many missing pieces are needed (and where!) to complete the maze.

9. Crazy Lights Magic Water Speakers

Turn any room into a party with Crazy Lights Magic Water Speakers. LED lights glow in time with the music while the water moves to the beat. These speakers can be plugged into computers, smart phones and most audio devices. They are USB powered and bases come in either white or black.

10. Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet

Keep your tween organized with a Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet. Using the included stylus, your child can make to-do lists, write reminders, or take notes. And when they are ready to start over, the LCD screen can be cleared with the touch of a button. It’s slim and durable enough to keep in a backpack. It’s also good for doodling and sneaking in a game of tic-tac-toe during geometry class.  

Happy shopping and enjoy the tween years. Soon they will be teenagers.


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