The $1000 Apple Tablet Remains A Secret Until The Big Reveal

There is so much buzz about Apple's new "tablet" launch in the Spring that you have to wonder what it will look like. True to Steve Jobs' 'trademark" of keeping his products a mystery until they officially launch, only a select group of designers and executives at Apple know exactly what design was selected for the device.

Update - December 29- New rumors circulating that now the secret "tablet" is going to be called the "iSlate."

However, with an anticipated price tag estimated as high at $1000, one would hope that this new eReader/Notepad with 10.1-inch LCD display comes with a lot of bells and whistles. Here in a collaboration between the Wonderfactory and Time, Inc. is an excellent example of how tablets will enable the creation of innovative, addictive experiences by publishers, media companies, and advertisers.

Now take a peek at what you might be looking at in March or April (or some say Jobs may surprise us all with a January launch). Here are 20 of the top best design guesses. Not surprisingly, much of this concept art replicates some of Apple's existing desktop and gadget lines.

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1- My Favorite- Apple Tablet- Kindle Killer - Credit: Isamu Sanada

2- iPod Touch look - Credit: Jesus Diaz, Gizmodo

3- iPhone influence - Credit: Adam Benton

4- MacBook Touchy feel - Credit: Logan Lape

5- Black MacBook with iPod Controls - Credit: Designer Unknown

6- Mac-influenced, with DVD Drive - Credit: Isamu Sanada

7- MacPro look - Credit: Jesus Diaz, Gizmodo

8- MacBook: Touch to Believe - Credit: Gizmodo

9- Movie Watcher - Credit: Isamu Sanada

10- Email Sender - Credit: Isamu Sanada

11- PDA Influenced - Credit: Adam Benton

12- Apple Touchbook - Credit: Gizmodo

13- Bigger than an iPhone - Credit: Designer Unknown

14- First-gen iPhone Tablet - Credit: Chris Messina

15- MacBook Tablet - Credit:

16- Tablet with Base - Credit: Designer Unknown

17- Tablet with Pen - Credit: Designer Unknown

18- MacBook Nano - Credit: Adam Benton

19- Another MacBook Pro look - Credit: Designer Unknown

20- Laptop Tablet - Credit: Tommaso Gecchelin via Yanko Design

(If  you are one of the unknown designers noted above, please provide us with your information, as your exceptional design is posted on the Web without any attribution.)

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