100 Zipper Dress: One Clothing Item With A New Fashion For Each Day!

The economy has been tough lately, so even fashionistas out there need to pinch pennies where they can. But is stretching one piece of clothing to be worn each and every day of the week for months going too far to save a buck? Who cares, because you're about to read about the most versatile dress in the world!

Most Versatile ClothingMost Versatile Clothing

It's a very good thing for the 100 zipper dress that exposed zippers are in fashion right now but even if they weren't, we might be able to look the other way for a dress that can be transformed into 100 different fashions. This dress by designer Sebastian Errazuriz was created to be budget-friendly, and if you're not the dress type, don't worry because within the 100 styles you can also turn this fashion into a t-shirt, belt, skirt and 97 other fashions. Wear with caution to avoid any unfortunate wardrobe malfunctions...we can only imagine how much worse it might have gone for Janet Jackson if that infamous Super Bowl dress had more undone parts!

100 Zipper Dress100 Zipper Dress

Via: Newslite