Is He Hot Or Not? 10 Valentine And Anti-Valentine Gifts For Men That Express How You Really Feel


Valentine's Gift Number 6: Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt

He's a clown, an extrovert.  He loves to play and that's why he'll love this Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt  So what if he's not the best listener?  He will now have a cool shirt!



Don't believe that you can play this shirt?  Watch this!




Valentine's Gift Number 5:  Lutèce - Wallpapergames

Tired of his crazy mind games? Let him go through his own maizes with some bathroom wallpaper and several colored marking pens.  Wallpapergames are available from 5.5 Designers.





Valentine's Gift Number 4: Onion Ring Mints

We're getting close to anti-Valentine territory now.  Mints that taste like onion rings.  Nothing in them remotely resembles a mint or an onion ring (glucose, maltodextrin, magnesium stearate, artificial onion ring flavoring, and titanium dioxide!), but he may never realize that.  Oniony flavor and breath from Onion Ring Mints.