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Is He Hot Or Not? 10 Valentine And Anti-Valentine Gifts For Men That Express How You Really Feel

Valentine's Gift Number 3: The Guide for Guys: An Extremely Useful Manual for Old Boys and Young Men

It is a great book for a young man, no doubt about it.  But The Guide for Guys might just be considered a kiss-off by a presumed valentine, with topics like 'how to make a good first impression' and 'how to change directions on the dance floor,' he might think you would prefer a more mature man.




Valentine's Gift Number 2: Foot Alignment Socks

And he does have some ugly feet!  You always hated those big crooked toes.  When given on Valentine's day, the Foot Alignment Socks say, "Be gone!  And furthermore, go fix your ugly feet."




Valentine's Gift Number 1: Lucky Dog Sh*t From France

This gift needs no explanation, except you will have to contact Atypik, the French design house, to see how to get one of these unmistakeably blunt anti-Valentine's gifts.






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