10 Ads That Will Make You Want To Clean

I gotta hand it to advertising firms out there.  While some products are so well known that consumer product awareness has become iconic (I'm talkin' to you McDonald's), other products need something of a push.

Cleaning products fall into this area.  I mean, really.  They all pretty much do the same thing.  Spray the mess, wipe the mess.  Tada!  Clean.

So how do you catch a consumer's eye when endeavoring to market the next great bleach/ammonia/scary-will-burn-you chemically based cleaner?  You create some pretty strange, unique ads, that's how.

Cleaning Ad #1: Method Window Cleaner

"Lay off the hard stuff," the ad proclaims.  And this window cleaner actually does so by cutting down on the amount of isopropyl alcohol in its ingredients.  Cute campaign as well-quite clever.

Cleaning Ad #2: Domestos Toilet Bowl Cleaner


"You are not alone," states the tagline.  I'm not sure what disturbs me the most about this ad: The fact that something nefarious is watching the kid from inside the toilet or the twisted way in which the kid is represented.  I mean, just look at his arm!  While I think it's supposed to look like the kid is leaning on the counter, to me it just appears that his arm is on backwards...

Cleaning Ad #3: Magistral Dishwashing Liquid

It took me a few moments to figure out this ad.  For a second I thought they were taking advantage of some poor, deformed woman for the sake of collecting a few bucks on the product.

Then I realized that we, the reader, are the clean glass being held in her hand, and that the mutation of her face is caused by the beveling of the glass itself.

Kind'a neat.  But confusing...

Cleaning Ad #4: Windex

This just plain rocks!  What more can I say.  I love the entire concept.

Cleaning Ad #5: 3M Scotch-Brite

Let me put this on the record: I would HATE to be in these guys' shoes.  That is one big mess.

And they look so miserable and tired.  Dante must have skipped over his description of this level of hell...

Cleaning Ad #6: The Sonic Scrubber

I'll bet they're unionized...I'll bet they're unionized...

It'd be kind'a cool to look in your shower and see a little construction crew taking heavy equipment into battle against germs.  I'll bet their insurance coverage would cost a fortune...

Wouldn't these guys create "micro-germs" when they break for lunch?Wouldn't these guys create "micro-germs" when they break for lunch?

The next two ads require a level of viewing detail that I can't post here.  Simply click on the picture for a larger image.

Cleaning Ad #7: Domestos

Click to enlargeClick to enlarge

Thousands of tiny crosses.  A germ graveyard, right there on your faucet handle.  Pretty cool idea, eh?

But are you desecrating a cemetery each time you wash your hands?

Cleaning Ad #8: Tide 2X Ultra

Click to enlargeClick to enlarge

 It may be difficult to read, but the ad copy states: "Mayonnaise doesn't stand a chance."

Generally, I would root for the guys in white.  In this case, nope.  Rotton mayo is one of the most disgusting smells on the planet.  And I, for one, am glad to have an army the size of Tide 2X Ultra fighting on my side.

Cleaning Ad #9: Veja X-14

Okay, there's something lost in the translation here.  The ad copy reads: "Do not play with your kids at the vacations.  Yes that's dirty."

What?  Now my dirty little mind can read all sorts of things into this line.  Not to mention the plural "vacations."  Again... what?

It's too bad that the ad copy blows.  The actual visual is quite inventive and fun.

Cleaning Ad #10: Tekna Cleaning Machines

And a new superhero is born: Wash Man!  Up and away!!!And a new superhero is born: Wash Man! Up and away!!!

Egad.  It's like a pocket fire hose!  Great ad.  Gets the point across quite well.  I gotta wonder if one of these things would put my pressure washer to shame...

BONUS Cleaning Ad: Alka Seltzer

Yeah, I know.  Alka Seltzer isn't specifically a cleaning material.

But we've all had mornings like this.

SOURCE: Ads of the World.
Jul 27, 2009
by Anonymous

The last one was really the

The last one was really the only I found to be good or humorous, all the others I felt were dumb or made me feel bad for cleaning, just my opinion...