10 Animal Stars Of The Most Creative International Award-Winning Print Ads

If you love to laugh, you have to see these ads.  While I usually find humorous ads for animal or pet products, this time I decided to research the print ad winners of about 40 different international advertising prizes awarded during 2007 and 2008 just to select the "10 best award-winning people-product print ads featuring animals, fish, or insects in starring role."

All of the ads you see here were each celebrated by several prestigious ad awards; awards like the Clio, the Loerie,  Effie awards, Obie, Cannes Lions, Andy awards, and many others.  They are all archived on Coloribus web pages.



1.  Moths In Harvey Nichols Ad, 2007, Great Britain





2.  Goldfish In The Pilot Water Resistant Pens Ad, 2008, Spain

Agency: GREY, Barcelona




3.  Pig In Gastro Instant Relief Ad, 2007, France





4.  Golden Retriever In Scrabble Ad, 2008, Hungary

Agency: Ogilvy Hungary


Caption:SCRABBLE: Every word counts.



5.  Mixed Breed In A.K. Damm Bier Ad, 2007, Spain

Agency: Caldas Naya


Caption: German character. French refinement.
A.K DAMM The original Alsatian Beer



5.  Tiger In Duende Azul Costume Ad, 2007, Chile



Caption: Duende Azul Costumes
You, but funnier than you.


7.  Spiny Anteater In Olympus Binoculars Ad, 2008, Australia

 Agency: JWT Sydney


Caption: When you look at things through Olympus Binoculars,
they get closer than you'd ever imagine.



8.  Cats In Harvey Nichols Ad, 2007, United Kingdom





9.  Beaver In Connex Train Ad, 2007, Australia

Advertising Agency: LEO BURNETT




10.  Kitten In Ford Expedition Ad, 2008, Mexico

 Agency: JWT Mexico



 Caption: Ford Expedition With Rearview Camera


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