10 Of The Best Business Of 2009: The Innovative, The Unusual, The Hilarious (Part Two)

In 2009, some pretty great businesses came across our radar. We've seen the strange, the unique, the hilarious, and the truly innovative that have reshaped our thoughts of what constitutes a business! This list recaps some of the best businesses of 2009.

This article is Part 2 of our list. You can read Part 1 here.

#5 Best Business of 2009- Sensorial Lisbon - Most Innovative Historical Travel Tours

Sensorial LisbanSensorial Lisban

Typically, historical tours of international destinations refer to themselves as "sight-seeing tours"; Sensorial Lisbon follows anything but this typical format to take tourists through the history of the area. Sensorial Lisbon provides guided tours in Portugal and teaches tourists to experience their surroundings in a different manner - blindfolded, relying upon touch, sound, and smell and even taste while bring provided with historical commentary to enhance the experience.

#4 Best Business of 2009 - PatientPak - Best Timed Health Business


When PatientPak released their product line of kits for the germaphobic, they had no idea that the Swine Flu epidemic would be on its way. Sure, it's a practical product for hospital stays, but no one ever could have predicted that demand for products like the ones provided by this company would have grown so rapidly because of that pesky H1N1!

#3 Best Business of 2009- Upload Cinemas - Most Trendy Business

Upload CinemasUpload Cinemas

It's utterly impossible to go a day without someone uttering the phrase "did you see that YouTube video?" which is exactly why Upload Cinemas began airing short, privately created films for their members to view. YouTube on the big screen?! Enough said!

#2 Best Business of 2009- Feather Down Farms - Most Unusual Vacation Opportunity

Feather Down FarmsFeather Down Farms

Most people like to tour a historical destination for a vacation or relax on the beach; but for those that want a truly unique experience there is Feather Down Farms. It's the opportunity to live in the lap of luxury just like the pioneers did, without electricity, running water and while farming for food. It's roughing it at its finest at Feather Down Farms and an experience that the whole family is sure to remember (for the good and the bad)!

#1 Best Business of 2009- Bedpost Beta - Best Business For Your Sex Life

Bedpost BetaBedpost Beta

What kind of best business list would there be if a business related to sex didn't make the cut? Bedpost Beta allows people to track their sex lives and see how their romantic interludes measure up to past times and past partners. Sure, it's controversial, it's personal, and if anyone hacks into your account you might be in big trouble. But, where else will you find a program that allows you to track your sexual progress with charts and graphs?

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