10 Of The Best Business Of 2009: The Innovative, The Unusual, The Hilarious (Part One)

In 2009, some pretty great businesses came across our radar. We've seen the strange, the unique, the hilarious, and the truly innovative that have reshaped our thoughts of what constitutes a business! This list recaps some of the best businesses of 2009. This is part one, stay tuned for Part 2 as well! (Update: Here's Part 2.)

#10  Best Business of 2009- SHE Franchise - Best Socially Conscious Business

SHE FranchiseSHE Franchise

Education and healthcare are two serious issues in developing countries, and in many places women are also considered lesser beings. SHE Franchises addresses all three of these issues, providing female hygiene products to women in countries so they can get on with their lives. Young girls, with access to the products provided can ensure they do not miss school so they are educated and empowered. The franchise is especially unique since it's looking for franchisees in these developing countries; teaching women that they can play a major role in the societies that they live in by running successful businesses that really make a difference.

#9 Best Business of 2009- Valentine's Jewelry - Most Creative Product Marketing Business

Playboy WinesPlayboy Wines

Valentine's Jewelry used a unique marketing concept to draw in business. Although giveaways are not uncommon incentives, this company took things to the next level, actually giving away vacation packages to those who purchased engagement rings. Need I say more?

Playboy Wine  must also be noted under this category. By combining boobs and booze, they created a product that every man has already dreamed of. Enough said here too I'd say.

#8 Best Business of 2009- Tumbleweed Homes - Most Unique House Builder

Tumbleweed HomesTumbleweed Homes

Catering to a small portion of the population, Tumbleweed Homes creates living spaces that are affordable and eco-friendly. They're tiny, but that's where many of those benefits come from. Unlike other builders of teeny tiny structures that we've seen before, Tumbleweed Homes builds more than just sheds. Their homes are little versions of traditional American living spaces and are fully functional to live in year-round!

#7 Best Business of 2009- League of Rock - Best Business to Discover Your Inner Rock star

League of RockLeague of Rock

We all know someone that despite their mounting responsibilities and graying hairs just can't let go of that dream of becoming a rock star. Without a record deal or common sense, these individuals often find themselves making little tracks in the direction of achieving their musical dreams. League of Rock is a practical way for rock stars that will probably never be to live out their aspirations. They don't just get to play music; they get the complete experience that will make them feel like they've made it to the big time! Fun and practical do go together when it comes to this business - good job League of Rock!

#6 Best Business of 2009 - Rent a Relative - Best Biz for the Lonely

Rent a RelativeRent a Relative

Actually called Hagemashi Tai, this Japanese business allows lonely people to rent a relative. These rental parents, spouses and uncles can be hired to fill a child's void that develops when they're being raised by a single parent ("daddy" can come by to help with homework) or act as a date to a wedding or other important event. Hey, everything else has made its way to the rental market - why not people?

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