Going Home Is For Losers! 10 Better Places to Go For Thanksgiving

Want to go someplace really great for Thanksgiving?

As turkey time draws near, most of us are preparing for a gut-busting food fest with our families. But, not everyone adheres to the normal Thanksgiving day festivities; no, there are those who look for something a little different for Thanksgiving. So, in the spirit of diversity and adventure, here are 10 great Thanksgiving travel destinations for those looking to not go home for Thanksgiving:

10. Thanksgiving For The Eccentric: The Clinic - Singapore

If you're looking to sit in a wheelchair, eat your stuffing out of a surgical pan and drink your Thanksgiving Day beverage from an I.V. drip, then The Clinic is definitely where you want to spend your holiday. As you can imagine, the theme in The Clinic is all things hospital related. With over 15,000 square feet of space, the restaurant is organized with a number of themed rooms that all flow into one another in maze-like (in)coherence. Downstairs you'll fine bars, a dance club and a merchandise store, while upstairs those who want to experience The Clinic's avant guard menu can dine in the "hospital chic" environment, complete with syringes, drips and pills. The menus is said to be suited to the surroundings, to don't expect grandma's cranberry sauce.

9. Thanksgiving for The Sensualist: Dans le Noir - Paris, London, Moscow

This restaurant phenomenon is becoming increasingly more popular around the world, so why not take perhaps the most food-centric holiday and up the sensitiviy factor by dining in pitch black. The owners are the kind that consider eating to be more pleasurable and satisfying when done in complete darkness, without the abilty to see. They do say that when you "lose" one sens the others become heightened, right? So that's what they are going for here. With a staff made up of primarily blind and visually-impaired workers, they're dedicated to the theme. Granted the meal could get a bit messy, but it's all part of the sensual experience.

8. Thanksgiving for The Luxuriant : The Dolce & Gabbana Gold Restaurant - Milan, Italy

You have a velvet chairs, hand carved silverware and the finest china money can buy, so, of course, you don't want to eat a Thanksgiving meal on it. Where do you go? Why a restaurant with an entirely gold interior! Yes, the infamous fashion duo Dolce & Gabbana opened this opulent eatery— Dolce & Gabbana Gold —last year and it has continued to be a marking of luxury ever since. The restaurant launched at the same time as the gold D&G Motorola RAZR phone, and each had it's fair share of hype. Luckily, the restaurant lived up to the sassy, often over the top reputation of Dolce & Gabbana and it's been a big success.

7. Thanksgiving For The Traditionalist: Plimoth Plantation - Plymouth, Massachusettes

There are those who take Thanksgiving seriously, and then there are those who take Thanksgiving seriously. For the latter, there is Plimoth Plantation, the colonial community that presents Thanksgiving how it used to be--and by that I mean when it started. The Thanksgiving festivites certainly aren't limited here. You'll find a Thanksgiving meal in the Courtyard, the All-day Thanksgiving celebration, the Thanksgiving Day Buffet and a Victorian Thanksgiving Dinner. That's certainly enough to satiate any die-hard Thanksgiving-ist. Be sure and act quick if you want to attend, apparantly there are more traditionalist out there than you would think and these events sell out fast.

6. Thanksgiving for The Not-So-American American: Maui, Hawaii

Jans Journeys Maui

If you want to stay state-side for Thanksgiving but are still looking for a T-day with a twist, the island of Maui is a perfect holiday getaway. For one thing, it's pretty much cold everywhere else but Hawaii will still have beautiful skin-bronzing weather. Secondly, a number of the resorts and hotels on the island have Thanksgiving Day feasts, but with a little Hawaiin flare (think turkeys glazed in mandarin orange sauce, or stuffing with macadamia nuts). Of course you don't have to stick with Maui, as all the Hawaiin islands will be havine similar feasts.

5. Thanksgiving for The Expatriate: Le Pharamond - Paris, France

Celebrate Thanksgiving Dinner with a bit of a twist. At this T-Day celebration you'll have the opportunity to dine with historian Carolin C. Young, chair of thee Oxford Food Symposium and author of Apples of Gold in Settings of Silver, an ode to and history of feasts. For a bit of a price you will get a full-day tour of fine dining, Parisian style, and it includes a walking tour of some of the capital’s best restaurants before sitting down to sample four courses of fine French inspires Thanksgiving food. The whole package will run you about €220, but why not treat yourself on the holiday?

4. Thanksgiving for The Cold Hearted: ICEHOTEL - Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

This is not the ICEHOTEL 's first appearance on Inventor Spot, but it's just so cool that it made our list again. After all, if you love the cold, where else would you want to spend Thanksgiving? The hotel offers award winning accommodation, restaurants and entertainment so you're bound to have a good itime. For a unique dining experience, you can either eat in the ICEHOTEL restaurant, which serves dishes on plates of ice, or The Old Homestead Restaurant which sits about 800 meters from the ICEHOTEL overlooking the Torne river. They specialize in more warm, homely fare and the building is actually a historic log home from 1768.

3. Thanksgiving for The Princess: The Château d'Esclimont - St Symphorien le Château, France.

What better place to enjoy a Thanksgiving feast than in a beautiful French castle? You'll definitely feel like royalty at The Chateau Esclimont , which sits on a 150-acre estate just under and hour outside of Paris. Besides a slew of activities—horse back riding, tennis, helicopter/hot air ballon rides through the French countryside—this castle also boasts a dining hall that can seat 200 people. So feel free to pack up the family and bring them with you, along with anyone else you want, because they can definitely accommodate as big a Thanksgiving dinner as you can have.

2. Thanksgiving for The Extremist: Dinner in the Sky - Belgium

For some, a simple meal in the dining room just isn't enough. If everything you do has to be taken to the extreme, Dinner in the Sky is just the Thanksgiving dining experience you've been looking for. Hoisted high above the ground by a crane, Dinner in the Sky let's you dine in elegance from just about anywhere as long as you pay for the movable sky-high restaurant to get there. The company is based in Belgium, but chances are for enough money they'd be willing to accommodate. There is enough room for 22 diners, and the chef, waiter and entertainer are included. Barf bags are not, so be careful.

1. Thanksgiving for The Fisherman: Hilton Maldives Resort Spa - Rangali Islands

If turkey isn't your meat of choice, there will be plenty of fish surrounding you at the Ithaa restaurant of the Hilton Maldives Resort & Spa. The restaurant sits just 15 feet below the Indian Ocean's surface, and before you submerge for dinner you can enjoy a nice cocktail in the bar above. It's a tight space with room for only 14, but their cuisine—traditional Maldive courses with a Western edge—are said to be worthwhile.

If you can escape the same-old-same-old this Thanksgiving, any of these destinations are sure to make for a memorable holiday--certainly more memorable than what you usually do: drink, eat turkey, yell at a family member, take a nap. So try thinking "Home is for Losers" this Thanksgiving and go have yourself an adventure.

In any case, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

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