Bebé Glotun Allows Kids To Breastfeed - Um... What?

Let me start out by saying that I don't have kids.  But I do have a lot of experience with kids in the form of nephews, nieces, friend's kids, etc.

With that out of the way, I'm now going to tackle the subject of breastfeeding.  Why not?  I've got nothin' better to do today.

Okay, so there are several ways to introduce the concept of breastfeeding to your child.  In my opinion (not that it's worth much), I think a long talk about how things work goes a long way-though you may need flashcards...  At least I would, as I'd probably stammer over every other word just in a mad dash to get to get to the point.

Then there are various toys that display breastfeeding in a visual manner that makes it easier to understand.

Take the Nursing Nuna Pig from Manhattan Toy:

Cute, cuddly and... well, nursing.  And Nuna looks soooo happy.  And her friends, Nina the Cat and Nana the dog both look equally as blissful while feeding their young.

See, this is nice.  With these things, I could probably explain the concept of breastfeeding without having an aneurysm.

But then there's the Bebé Glotun by Berjuan.

Bebé Glotun translated: Glutton Baby.  This bodes unwell in my psyche...Bebé Glotun translated: Glutton Baby. This bodes unwell in my psyche...

Um... okay...

This thing creeps me out.  The little faux nipples on the bra thing.  The sucking motions and sounds of the baby.  I'm okay with the burping...  It's the pre-burbing activity being conducted by a little kid that freaks me out a bit.

Take a look:

I realize I'm overreacting.  This is most possibly due to a public breastfeeding incident I had when I was around 14 or so.  This was thanks to a neighbor of mine who whipped ‘em out and set her spawn to suckling-all right in front of me.  She didn't bat an eye.  No hesitation.  It was sort'a like being in a showdown in a western movie, only I didn't have a breast handy.  Nor did I have a baby.  I was defenseless.

And, despite what you may think, breastfeeding isn't a particularly sexual activity.  From what I can gather, it hurts.  And the sounds...  It really does fit in the category of a natural activity.

So, while you would think that I, as a 14-year-old boy, would have been turned on by this event, I was not.  I couldn't look away fast enough-and even then I was sort'a trapped in the room as she was standing in front of the only exit.

The Bebé Glotun brings that memory back to me, only makes it worse by inserting a little kid in place of my neighbor.  And that's just beyond wrong.  My mind's eye can take a lot, but not that.

"Chup, chup!!! Chup!!!"  GAAAAAHHHHHH!!!"Chup, chup!!! Chup!!!" GAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

I'm not even gonna start on the "this is setting little girls on a pre-destined coarse of pregnancy" riff that I've read online.  Nor am I going to side with some of the feminist writings that I've come upon stating that this toy is degrading to women.

But I am gonna say that there has to be a better, less disturbing way to explain this natural activity to children.  A way which maintains the innocent integrity of a child, while at the same way imparting information.

Toward that goal, I vote for Nursing Nuna and friends.

You can get Nursing Nuna at AmazonBebé Gluton can be found at Berjuan.

Aug 11, 2009
by Anonymous

No, public breast feeding is

No, public breast feeding is disgusting and so it this

Sep 15, 2009
by Anonymous

Nothing Wrong with Breast feeding!

Nothing Wrong with Breast feeding, the idiot above is as bad as those security guards who kept hounding the black women* who used to breast feed in local tesco.

different culture didnt see breastfeeding as disgusting and illegal as our culture thinks it is.