10 Cool Gadgets To Assist People With Arthritis & Hand Pain

Arthritis, or any hand pain, can be very limiting.  The muscles and joints in the hand and wrist are very small and precision-oriented, and pain can impair performance on things we do every day, like closing a jewelry catch or fastening buttons on your shirt.  Assistive gadgets have less of a stigma than they used to, and they're actually getting cooler as more people are using them... because they're just smarter.  Here are 10 new really cool and "handy" gadgets that just make routine movements less taxing on our hands. They even make great gifts!



Arthritis Helper #1. Puzzle Solver Bracelet Buddy

Okay, babes... How do you fasten a bracelet by yourself... when you can't roll it over your hand?  Don't struggle with this.  It's the Bracelet Buddy, a bracelet fastener that holds one end of the bracelet still while you hook up the other.  Look, you don't even have to twist your double-jointed wrist to fasten your bracelet.




Arthritis Helper #2.  Finally... An Ergonomic Ring Pull Can Opener

Tired of fighting with your sardine cans?  Oh, this is just wonderful... better than the plastic version that can  easily break -  plus, the Ring Pull Can Opener has a nice ergonomic handle. Open Smart also makes the ergonomic Plastic Package Opener and the Soda Can Opener. (UPDATE: A reader recommended that we include the Best 5 in 1 Kitchen Tool. I have not personally tried it yet but it also looks like a handy all purpose tool for the kitchen.)


Arthritis Helper #3. RoboStir Automatic Pot Stirrer

If you have cooked anything, you know that normally you can't leave a sauce or gravy alone on a lit stove without continuously stirring it.   If your wrists ache when you stir sauces, or you just want a cool-as-heck automatic stirrer, you must get this RoboStir Automatic Pot Stirrer.  It's battery powered, has 3 speed settings, and is dishwasher safe.  The pot stirrer gets some mixed reviews but if you can accept that this is not a perfect product, it can still be a useful one.

Arthritis Helper #4.  Softest Gadget: The Book Pillow

Now, this is cool too! Who would have suspected this pyramid-shaped pillow is a book stand that not only holds your book, but keeps the pages from turning while while you have your pancakes and coffee!




Arthritis Helper #5.  Zippy Grippy Good Grips Button Hook

Again the ergonomic handle can make all the difference in your comfort as you easily slide the hook through the button hole, catch the button, and pull it back through the Good Grips Button Hook. For those who also need help with zippers, there's a great combination zipper pull and button hook.




Arthritis Helper #6. Sexy Thermoskin Premium Arthritic Gloves

Not just sexy, these glove are hot!  That's right they're proven to increase hand temperature by 3 degrees and they're not USB gadgets.  The Thermoskin Premium Arthritic Gloves also reduce swelling by gently compressing your hands.  You can wear them all day, whether you're working on the computer or doing chores, as the outer material is textured to help you grip objects. For men and women, by size.




Arthritis Helper #7. Turn Me On Lamp Switch Enlarger

Lamp switches are so small and the tiny ridges on them hardly provide a grip, except maybe for a child's tiny fingers.  The Lamp Switch Enlarger makes it easy for anyone to turn on... the lights.  Two in a package makes it a great deal too!




Arthritis Helper #8.   Gas Cap Tool

Oh, who would not love something that would make it a breeze to open your gas tank?  Talk about wrist injuries!  This Gas Cap Tool fits over any gas cap and makes it easier to make that twist.  The tool is also designed to protect you from gas fumes and splashback. 



Arthritis Helper #9.  Rotato Express Auto-Peeler

Save hand strain with this Rotato Express Electric Peeler that gives you no excuse to avoid healthy eating.  Peel carrots, potatoes, apples, eggplant, and more at a push of a button. It doesn't work for every vegetable but for the ones it works for, it works great.  Really this is a must for any kitchen.




Arthritis Helper #10. The More Magnets The Merrier Magnetic Necklace Clasp Set

No, the Bracelet Buddy, above, will not work for your necklace unless someone else fastens it for you.  But there's no need to ask someone else; fasten your necklace with these gold and silver tone attachable Magnetic Necklace Clasps.  You get a set of 10 in each order.  And yes, I guess these would work for bracelets as well!




The holidays are coming up soon.  Why not make life a little more fun and pain-free for someone you love?


Keeping you posted...

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Updated and revised from article published October 2010.

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Oct 23, 2011
by Anonymous

Cool gadgets

Nice one.These are very creative cool handy gadgets.It look so stylish and light weighted. These gadgets are really helpful for household purpose. I think most of the people love to buy these cool handy gadgets.

Dec 29, 2011
by Anonymous

Bracelet help

I really need that bracelet help and Amazon says they don't think it'll ever be in stock again!

Mar 22, 2012
by Anonymous

Hi, I have seen nude

Hi, I have seen nude colored fingerless gloves that come down over the wrist to use for crocheting when you have artheritis in your wrist. but I can't find them anywhere to order. do you have a clue where I could order or buy these for crocheting. Teddy Elwell