10 Cool Gadgets To Assist People With Arthritis & Hand Pain


Arthritis Helper #5.  Zippy Grippy Good Grips Button Hook

Again the ergonomic handle can make all the difference in your comfort as you easily slide the hook through the button hole, catch the button, and pull it back through the Good Grips Button Hook. For those who also need help with zippers, there's a great combination zipper pull and button hook.




Arthritis Helper #6. Sexy Thermoskin Premium Arthritic Gloves

Not just sexy, these glove are hot!  That's right they're proven to increase hand temperature by 3 degrees and they're not USB gadgets.  The Thermoskin Premium Arthritic Gloves also reduce swelling by gently compressing your hands.  You can wear them all day, whether you're working on the computer or doing chores, as the outer material is textured to help you grip objects. For men and women, by size.




Arthritis Helper #7. Turn Me On Lamp Switch Enlarger

Lamp switches are so small and the tiny ridges on them hardly provide a grip, except maybe for a child's tiny fingers.  The Lamp Switch Enlarger makes it easy for anyone to turn on... the lights.  Two in a package makes it a great deal too!




Oct 23, 2011
by Anonymous

Cool gadgets

Nice one.These are very creative cool handy gadgets.It look so stylish and light weighted. These gadgets are really helpful for household purpose. I think most of the people love to buy these cool handy gadgets.

Dec 29, 2011
by Anonymous

Bracelet help

I really need that bracelet help and Amazon says they don't think it'll ever be in stock again!

Mar 22, 2012
by Anonymous

Hi, I have seen nude

Hi, I have seen nude colored fingerless gloves that come down over the wrist to use for crocheting when you have artheritis in your wrist. but I can't find them anywhere to order. do you have a clue where I could order or buy these for crocheting. Teddy Elwell