10 Cool Gifts for the Big Geek In Your Life

Geek Gift # 6: Laser Guided Scissors

I can't cut in a straight line.  Embarrassing to say, but true.  When I cut gift wrap my edges are always jagged (and my actual wrapping job looks like it was done by a blind toddler who lost his fingers to a threshing machine).  Perhaps these scissors would help. (Buy here)

Geek Gift # 7: Avatar Toys

These toys from James Cameron's $400 million movie are just plain cool.  Not only are the action figures (and vehicles) fully articulated, but each toy contains a little gadget called an i-TAG.  Interfacing this with a web cam opens up a virtual toy - a hologram of sorts that projects only on the monitor and interacts with commands from the i-TAG.  Truly one of the coolest things I've seen this year.

For more information, including video of the virtual toys, check out Mattel's Avatar Toys Put Virtual Reality in the Palm of Your Hand. The whole collection can be found here at Amazon.

Geek Gift # 8: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Statue

Okay... I had to put something from my Christmas wish list in here.  I can't be alone in my unabashed Geek-love of the Indiana Jones films.  And while "Temple of Doom" is rightfully scrutinized for its action-over-plot design, I can't help but consider it one of the more entertaining films ever made.

When I saw this super detailed statue by Kotobukiya, I froze for a few seconds... then realized I had drooled on my desk.  Made of PVC, it is actual a snap-fit kit that can be assembled in seconds... and would look great on top of my bookshelf... (Buy here)

Geek Gift # 9: Han Solo in Carbonite Desk

This detailed replica turned desk by Tom Spina Designs is quite jaw-dropping. Each time I finished my work for the day I would be tempted to key in the combination to thaw out the poor guy...  I don't even want to guess at the price tag on this thing.

Geek Gift # 10: Perky Jerky

The phrase "Invigorating Beef Jerky" causes me to flinch a little.  It just doesn't quite sound right.  But...

I was one of those guys who drank gallons of coffee and Jolt Cola to get through exams, often at the expense of eating.  Caffeinated beef jerky would have been a welcome addition to my diet during those times.  With 150 milligrams of caffeine per bag and flavored with guarana, these little beef chips promise to keep you awake and taste yummy! (Buy here)