10 Creepy Commercials to Tickle Your Funny Bone

I have a strange concept of the word "creepy."  Generally speaking, if something is trying to be creepy, it usually doesn't work for me.  Creepiness comes at you by accident.  In my case it usually involves things that are supposed to be cute, but miss the mark.  The cute factor somehow morphs into something that is just plain disturbing.

Most of the commercials I tackle below fit in this category-though I did deviate now and again.


How could I not start with the Burger King?  He's the embodiment of creepiness, combining the horrific visage of a clown with ninja-like breaking and entering skills.

To be fair, I absolutely love this ad campaign.  It is intentionally scary, funny, and strange all at once.  It's also one of the few ad campaigns in history that has used these factors to great success.


Those of you who follow my writing will know that I'm terrified of clowns (see 11 Ads to Disgust & Disturb You for one of the most frightening things I've seen in a while).

This, the first commercial for McDonald's, introduced a bizarre Ronald McDonald to the world.

This guy scares me.  Is that a cup on his nose?  I swear, I would never let my kid get anywhere near that thing.

I like this Japanese commercial for McDonald's much, much better.

Not only would I let my kid near her, but also I would actually use my kid as bait just to get her attention.  And nope-she's not creepy at all.


I LOVE this ad campaign.  I remember how much these little guys freaked out my ex-wife.  The crazy voices, bug eyes, and fleshy mouths...  I wish I had one for real; I'd mail it to her in an unmarked box.

These little guys were called the Spongmonkies.  If you can't get enough of them (like me), you can find all sorts of related stuff at RatherGood.com.


Commercials produced by the Japanese are always just plain strange to me.  My Western brain can't wrap around some of the concepts.

The guy shooting bananas out of his nose, for example.