12 DIY Thanksgiving Crafts By Kids Only A Blind Mom Would Love


We've all been there haven't we? Forced to admire little school craft projects that are at the corner of ugly and tacky street?

Creating holiday decorations and crafts is a time-honored tradition for school kids. Sometimes, however, the concept turns out better than the final product. Parents proudly display the trophies brought home by their kids, even though visitors to the house must think the adults are blind. We admire these kids’ spirits, but silently wish we could urge their parents to invest in art lessons.

Here are our picks for 12 of the ugliest and funniest DIY Thanksgiving Projects By Kids That Only A Blind Mom Could Love:

1. Paper Plate Pilgrims.

These poor folks look like they have had a little too much holiday food. Mr. Pilgrim is even dozing off. We’re not sure what Mrs. Pilgrim is doing, but she looks a little queasy. Perhaps posting these on the always opening and closing refrigerator door is a bad idea.

Paper Plate PilgrimsPaper Plate Pilgrims
Image: Stockpilingmoms 

2.     Turkey and Indians Headband.

This collects the main elements of Thanksgiving into one wearable item. You know Mom is going to have to sport this all day on Thanksgiving. Poor Mom!
Turkey and Indians HeadbandTurkey and Indians Headband
 Image: creativitytakesflight

 3.  Apple Print Turkeys.

These are for the truly love blind Mom who doesn’t mind food being used to make food look really unappetizing.
Apple Print TurkeysApple Print Turkeys
 Image: belladia 

4.    Turkey Table Topper.

This functional turkey is very festive, with his feathers of all different materials and a wattle made of a red balloon. There is so much going on it makes us dizzy.
Turkey Table TopperTurkey Table Topper
 Image: pincookie

5.     Hand Turkey Cookies.

So unappetizing, no? Granted, brown icing is difficult to get right. Perhaps make these with chocolate cookie dough, so the base color is brown. Then kids can just draw on the colorful feathers and details?

 Hand Turkey CookiesHand Turkey Cookies
 Image: pincookie 

6.    Hand and Footprint Turkey.

Because just using the hands weren’t horrifying enough.

Hand and Footprint TurkeyHand and Footprint Turkey
 Image: belladia  

7.    TP Turkey.

Mr. Turkey’s head is full of fluff, but at least he has big ears so he can hear everything that goes on in the bathroom, right? And there is nothing better than something watching you poop after a big Thanksgiving meal.
TP TurkeyTP Turkey
 Image: pinterest  

8.  Hand Turkeys Collage.

Imagine this decorating a feast table at Thanksgiving. Once again, it’s a cute idea with some potential, but the glow in the dark feather colors make it a little too festive. Plus, the fluff is going to end up full of food and sticky grossness. Why, teacher, why?

 Hand Turkey CollageHand Turkey Collage
 Image: 2.bp 

9.    TP Center Rolls Turkey.

The latest DIY fad is to make wall art out of the cardboard tubes inside toilet paper rolls. We believe this is what happened here. Imagine the panoramic photo of these lined up along the mantel.
TP Centers TurkeyTP Centers Turkey
 Image: iloveindia 

10.   Froot Loops Glove Turkey.

There is something eerie about a transparent turkey. I think this is where you are supposed to cook Tom for a bit without the foil cover, so he can brown up a little?
Froot Loops Glove TurkeyFroot Loops Glove Turkey
 Image: woohome 

11.    Don’t Eat That Turkeys.

These are supposed to be some traditional recipe for what appears to be a nut-covered cheese ball. With candies stuck into it, we are not sure if it is cheese balls or something far more sinister. Never trust a pecan loaf in disguise.
Don't Eat That TurkeysDon't Eat That Turkeys
 Image: makesandtakes  

 12. Angry Apple Turkey.

Mr. Apple Turkey looks demonic and angry at those red-hot eyes. Of course, he has a bunch of toothpicks stuck into him, so maybe that is the reason.

 Angry Apple TurkeyAngry Apple Turkey
 Image: architectureartdesigns 

What do you think of these Thanksgiving treasures? Are yours any better? Show off your tot’s Thanksgiving treasures. We know you will keep them forever, so why not share the joy with the rest of us?