10 Exquisite Bathtubs That Might Be Confused With Museum Sculptures

Since the resurgence of the stand alone sink, bathrooms have become really hot rooms to redecorate.  No slouch themselves, stand alone bathtubs have pushed the trend from closet-sized bathrooms into living room sized spas. These 10 designer bathtubs seriously call for an enlarged space to indulge yourself.  But, beyond the fact that they make a big splash, they make big impressions - like sculptures in a museum.


1. Maxx Collection's Viaggi™ Signature Freestanding Bathtub

One of the sleekest lines you'll ever see in a bathtub, the Viaggi boasts comfort as well.  It knows body ergonomics and comfort spots, as it hugs your body from head to toe and, by the way, your toes are positioned higher than your head to soothe tired legs at the end of the day.  The base can be ordered in a variety of rich woods. By Maxx Collection.





2.  Bagno Sasso Ocean Circle Stand Alone Bathtub

Bagno Sasso has a definite flair for wooden bathtubs.  It's newest Ocean line of bathtubs boasts some of the world's finest and most decorative woods and each bathtub is hand made.  The Ocean Circle is an exquisite work that would probably make you feel like you're taking a bath in a giant salad bowl.  How cool!




3.  Bagno Sasso Ocean Sailor Stand Alone Bathtub

It is definitely hard to choose the best of Bagno Sasso, no matter which model line you peruse. You may want to just spend some time checking out its masterful bath creations.  But the Ocean Sailor is the youngest member of the Ocean crew, so for that reason, and the fact that its natural wood is striped like a zebra, the Sailor is very intriguing. 





4.   WS Bath Collections Epoca Free Standing Stone Bathtub 

WS Bath Collections create brilliant bathtub designs. Right here, the Epoca Free Standing Bathtub in semi-transparent stone does Victorian like no bathtub can.  Many color and decor options are available in this style.


Oct 24, 2010
by Anonymous

How do I make molds for my bath designs?

Hi Toby

Need some information on how do i make such a big mold for my bath designs, have lots of ideas, but really need some help. Please!

Colet Venter