10 Eye Catching Contact Lenses To Make You The Life Of The Party

Contact lenses have become a hot accessory on the club scene as more people are choosing to draw attention to themselves by playing a role that doesn't just apply to costumes on Halloween. There are many funky styles of novelty contact lenses that can truly complete an outfit and help club-goers catch the eye of potential mates or prey, depending upon the look they choose!

#1 Eye Catching Contact Lens - The Mad Hatter

Mad HatterMad Hatter

 To bring a whimsical look to the club, get your Md Hatter on with these cool contact lenses. Guys, you can get in touch with your inner Johnny Depp with these lenses and you will have the opportunity to charm some women with your look and attitude!

#2 Eye Catching Contact Lens - The Darkside


Inspired by the 1990's movie 'Tales from the Darkside' these lenses are the stuff that nightmares are made of. You might not think that would earn you a date or attention at the club, but you know, sometimes a little scare draws a woman closer.

#3 Eye Catching Contact Lens - New Moon

 New MoonNew Moon

I think it goes without saying exactly how these contact lenses could attract some attention! Vampires are hot after all!

#4 Eye Catching Contact Lens - Spider Man

Spider WebSpider Web

 People won't be able to keep their eyes off you in these contact lenses! Obviously inspired by Spider Man, you can get in tune with your inner Peter Parker and might be lucky enough to end your night out clubbing with an upside down kiss with your leading lady!

 #5 Eye Catching Contact Lens -Spidey


For the girls who don't want to be left out of this cool style,there's a girl version of the Spider Man. In a world of equality, who says a woman can't be the one to hang upside down in the rainas a romatic gesture?

#6 Eye Catching Contact Lens - Werewolf



Hey, there are plenty of women out there on team Jacob, so why should vampires be the only ones to have all of the fun? These werewolf contacts are sure to win you some attention. They're pretty funky too!

#7 Eye Catching Contact Lens - Avatar


If you're feeling a little blue and want to mimick your favorite Avatar character for a night out, then these contacts migh tbe the perfect choice for you! 

#8 Eye Catching Contact Lens - Lurtz


I'll be honest here, I don't know why this is cool or what they represent, but these contact lenses are funky and really do create a unique effect!

 #9 Eye Catching Contact Lens - Smiley


A smile can light up a room and is sometimes all you need to get the attention of someone at the club. Take that idea to new levels with these lenses! 

#10 Eye Catching Contact Lens - Snowflake


Get into the spirit of the season with the holidays just around the corner! 

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