10 Stunning Fan Designs For The Modern Home, Office, or Head

After being wowed by about 40 fan designs created by second year students in the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, it occurred to me why I hide all my room fans when guests come to my home. They're eyesores! They're throwbacks to the 1890's! What are they doing in my post-modern home?

Aside from saving money on air conditioning, not much.

This is one of the first electric fans produced after they were invented in 1886. Do you notice much difference between this and the ones you may have in your home?

The only major difference I can see is that now these old clods are made of plastic!



But the Bezalel students really blew my mind with their creative approaches. I picked 10 of their electric fan designs to share with you, but they were all amazing, so I could have picked any of them without compromising my own standards (which I've just confessed are 1890's.)


1. Standing Fan Design, Michael Shnitman, 2007

This plastic and metal fan design is retro-looking to be sure, maybe 1940's or 50's, but the capabilities are strictly 21st Century.



See what it does?


2. Head Fan Design, Yarel Yair, 2007

Now this is the way to stay cool-headed, don't you think? A vented fabric cap... what an idea! I'm just wondering where my neck would go?



3. Wall Fan Design, by Osnat Acker, 2007

What? You don't think that one plastic spoke will create much air?



Wait until the wall-flower opens up!



4. Wall Fan Design, Yoav Avinoam, 2007

When a fan wants to go incognito, it can dress up like a loud speaker!




5. Wall Fan Design, Hofit Haham, 2007

A fan can dress up like an airy fabric design. Imagine the shadows this fan would cast in late afternoon and evening!



6. Standing Fan Design by Noa Habas, 2007


Or, a fan can pretend it is a pretty flower ....



... that does blow in the wind!




7. Wall Fan Design, Itamar Bonneu, 2007

A wall fan might just be goofy, and flop around while spinning the air. Maybe it would make cool, mesmerizing sounds as the spokes bumped into each other?



8. Desk Fan Design, Ortal Gibli, 2007

If you have a very narrow focus, this little desk fan is a winner. Perfect for sweaty hands on the keyboard or for your face while you're sweating a deadline.



9. Floor Fan Design, Shai Lanir, 2007

A bit of retro with a 50's-60's style stand; still it works with even post-modern design. I especially like the practical parking space for the cord and plug when not in use. Very thoughtful!

10. Ceiling Fan Design, Galit Feiga, 2007


Pretty and practical for small rooms -- a single one for a closet and, perhaps, a few of these "duster" fans spaced out in a dining room. Graceful and unpretentious.


Now, the question is, as it is invariably, when will we be able to purchase some of these modern fans to replace our clunkers?

Find your favorite student fan design on this Bezalel design school web page!

Sep 4, 2008
by Aditi Simlai Tiwari


Such great finds...


Aditi Simlai Tiwari
Innovative Fashions Writer

Sep 7, 2008
by Anonymous

more sweeties from Bezalel's students

You can watch hundreds of designs, made by students of the Bezalel Academy's industrial design (as the above) department at: www.haatar.com
Go there, it's COOL!